Detailed Changelog of Direwolf20 v5.0.1, Mindcrack v8.0.1 and Magic World v7.0.1

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    Information is still needed for: NEI, CCC, Iron Chests & Compact Solars. Please PM me if you have information.

    All Packages:
    Forge by LexManos: to
    Updated to FML v1.4.7-
    Updated to Minecraft v1.4.7
    • Seperation of enchantment vs enchanting table and anvil
    • Chunk compression moved to network threads, should increase server performance on multi-core servers.
    • New 'Server Stopped' event
    • New Hooks to allow more control of mob spawning
    • Potato and Carrot support for IPlantable
    • Fixed fireworks bug
    • Fixes a bug where the player view would dip when stepping between certain blocks
    • Fixed bug in Event system causing lists to be rebuilt constantly.
    • Fixed issue with Efficancy enchatment when connected to vanilla servers.
    • Fix mobs spawning on inverted slabs/stairs
    • Fixed a few CME exceptions in vanilla MC.
    P.S. Unknown Changes for to, please PM me with information
    NotEnoughItems by Chicken_Bones: to
    Unkown update changes, please PM me with information
    CodeChickenCore by Chicken_Bones: to
    Unkown update changes, please PM me with information
    Buildcraft by Sengir: A-3.3.0 to A-3.4.2
    Updated to MC 1.4.7
    • Creative tab for BC items.
    • 3D rendering of items in pipes.
    • Functionality from builder until it can be fixed to prevent world corruption.
    • Filler function to stop its use asa mining tool. Empties from the top down, items dropped from it only last a second. (cpw)
    • Gates and pipe wires now available earlier for other mods.
    • Pipes now replace grass, vines, etc. when placed.
    • onInventoryChanged() now called when adding to an IInventory.
    • Fixed fuel burning in combustion engines. Yielded one tick too much energy before.
    • Fixed quarries breaking bedrock.
    • Pipe gui closes when pipe is destroyed.
    • Fixed display issues due to overflow on combustion engines.
    • Added a sanity to check to emerald pipes to prevent crashes when another mod returns an invalid itemstack.
    • Fixed issues with the hopper and NBT data.
    • Fixed NBT data not synching in diamond pipe gui.
    • Pipe items should now display smoother.
    • Filler flatten now works above 128 height.
    • Stacked tanks will not store different liquids anymore.
    Forestry by Sengir: A- to
    Forestry 2 -
    • Low fertilizer triggers for BC gates on farm hatches.
    • 4x4 farm.
    • Config option to disable specific structure schemata.
    • Missing config option for fertilizer value in gamemodes.
    • Multiblock farms with hatches, valves and gearboxes. Can be configured via circuit boards.
    • Added grafter item with 5 uses.
    • Alveary Hygroregulator to control humidity.
    • Stairs for Forestry woods.
    • Seperate tabs for Forestry mod items.
    • BC gate triggers for low soil and liquid on multiblock farms. Low soil will accept an item as a parameter.
    • Rubber plantation for multiblock farms when IC2 is installed. Works similar to an orchard.
    • 5x5 variant of multiblock farms.
    • Tied seed oil output for cherries, walnuts and chestnut to seed oil from wheat, with cherries giving 3x, walnuts 10x and chestnut 12x as much.
    • Reduced ripening time on chestnuts and walnuts.
    • Fertilizer lasts longer in farms on easy gamemode.
    • Back side of engines is now solid.
    • Farm hatches now output into pipes and inventories below them.
    • Managed arboretum now uses all the available space.
    • New textures for apatite, apatite ore, fertilizer. Apatite ore now drops between 0 and 5 gems per ore block, works with fortune.
    • Soldering iron can now switch between different layouts for the electrical engine, managed farms and manual farms. The layout determines the effect of an electron tube.
    • Bonemeal now works on fruit leaves.
    • Removed generational data from drones. Should improve stacking behaviour significantly.
    • Refactored alveary to use single block id. Will update existing apiaries.
    • Alvearies and farms will now keep their inventory even if broken. Only breaking the master block will eject items.
    • Alvearies and farms can be owned like any other machine.
    • New textures for copper and tin ore.
    • Ore gen slightly. Apatite does not spawn below Y=60 anymore. Copper needs at least Y = 32, tin Y = 16.
    • Ash cannot be used to create fertilizer anymore. It can be mixed with existing fertilizer to double it though.
    • Rubber plantation will now tap resin spots on the lowest wood block as well.
    • Fixed orchard infighting over which fruits are harvestable and which are not.
    • Neutered orchards ability to eat servers.
    • Fixed rare stackoverflow crash on multiblock structures.
    • Fixed an issue which caused extracting from alvearies to break.
    • Fixed fruit colours incorrectly synching to client.
    • Fixed an issue that caused BC's emerald pipes to crash.
    • Infernal farm now actually harvests crops and doesn't just sit there looking pretty.
    • Alveary swarmer and hygroregulator properly drop inventory contents when broken.
    • Fixed an issue which can cause a crash in the treealyzer gui due to old sapling genetics.
    • Fixed infernal farm not starting up without liquid in the tank.
    • Fixed a Java 7 incompatibility.
    • Fixed a bug that caused fruits to only drop a single time.
    • Fixed some derpy backpack behaviour.
    • Fixed a few soldering iron issues when removing chipsets.
    • Fixed some stacking issues with bees.
    • Fixed imprinter.
    • Removed: Bonus to sapling drop rate on leaves. Use your grafter!
    • API: Full API to add entirely new farm logic to multiblock farms via circuits or just single crops to existing farms.
    • Localization: Added/Updated PR and CN.
    Forestry -
    • Reduced the bandwith used by leaves on trees generated by forestry by about 87 %. This should also fix disconnect.overflow in high density forests in SMP.
    • (IMPORTANT! UPDATE!) Fixed an issue that caused leaves not to remove the associated TileEntity, clogging up the save and provoking hard-to-trace bugs.
    • Fixed an issue that caused fruits (cherries, walnuts, chestnuts) to not spawn correctly, generating phantom fruits.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed bees to be duplicated via backpacks.
    • Fixed a crash in relation to RP2's fake player.
    • Blacklist config is now read before registering mutations and should work correctly.
    • Fixed an issue that caused bees to render incorrectly in the stationary analyzer.
    • Fixed a crash related to using the wrong locale for lower casing identifiers.
    • Fixed incorrect bee rendering in apiarist's pipe. (Again.)
    • Fixed a duplication bug on apiaries with BC pipes.
    • Random SMP crash when cycling through items in hand and opening backpack gui.
    • Fixed a crash when putting cans into a RP2 deployer.
    • Fixed the issue that caused specimen in bee- and treealyzer to require a second click for analyzation. (h/t Xhamolk for finding the source of the bug.)
    • Letters can only be written to if they are unstacked.
    • Letters will now correctly be lodged irrespective of casing of recipient's name.
    • Cherry trees are now correctly named "Hill Cherry", not "Wild Cherry".
    • Fixed bonemeal not being consumed on use on saplings.
    • Possibly improved sapling stacking.
    IronChest by cpw: to
    Unkown update changes, please PM me with information
    NEIPlugins by mistaqur: to
    Support for Following:
    • Buildcraft 3.3.0
    • Show assembly table recipes and Combustion Engine fuels and coolants.
    • IndustrialCraft2 1.112 Open Beta
    • Added tooltip that show how many EU you can get from burn item in Generator (can be disabled in NEI options).
    • Warning: this plugin uses client-side IC2 config option "energyGeneratorBase", server can have different value.
    • It's also show recipe of UU-Matter in Mass Fabricator.
    • Railcraft 6.14.0
    • Forestry
    • This plugin show squeezer, centrifuge, carpenter, fermenter, moistener, still and thermionic fabricator recipes.
    • Forge 6.5.0+
    • This plugin is add ability to see all possible containers for each liquids. Also you can see their names in Liquid Dictionary, check if item registred in Ore Dictionary and browse Ore Dictionary (but it disabled by default, you need activate this ability in NEI options).
    Omnitools by Team CoFH: 2.2.5 to 3.0.2
    • Sneak + Right Clicking the Lexicon Block will remove the book and leave the Plinth behind. Another Sneak + Right Click will remove the Plinth as well.
    • also changes how valid conversions are detemined - either a whitelist or blacklist model is used, and can be chosen in the config file. A default list will be generated if one is not present - you may then alter this list as you see fit for your own server.
    • adds portable functionality to the Lexicon and changes the mechanics up a bit. To create the Block version of the Lexicon, create the Plinth and then place the Lexicon on top of it. To use the Lexicon directly from inventory, Sneak + Right Click.
    • Couple of small bugfixes & IC2 should work properly now.
    • Fixes a Lexicon Dupe Bug
    • Omniwrench won't remove safes with items in them and can now pick up MFFS Secure Storage (Dropping Items inside of them). Thanks to BalanceSeeker for finding this change
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    Railcraft by CovertJaguar: to
    • Trackman's Backpack, for holding all your Track/Minecart related stuff. Only available if Forestry is installed. Big thanks to Sengir for the API.
    • Engineer's Overalls. Texture provided courtesy of the user, 'Foreplaying'.
    • Villager Detector. *Railcraft Inc. does not condone the enslavement of Villagers for breeding and/or other nefarious purposes.
    • The Villager Detector currently only works with vanilla Villagers, mod added Villagers will be supported in a later update.
    • a means to make Steel if the Blast Furnace is disabled. You need to break an Iron Ingot into Iron Nuggets and cook those in a Furnace to get Steel Nuggets.
    • Creosote Cell (IC2 container).
    • Explicitly defined BC Facades for Infernal Brick, Sandy Brick, Steel Blocks, and Concrete Blocks.
    • Advanced Detector redesigned, it now has filter slots that you can put specific minecarts in.
    • Coal made from UU-Matter can no longer be used in Coke Ovens.
    • World Anchors loading fewer than 9 chunks, because they are paired with a Sentinel, now use less fuel.
    • Tweaked Sandy Brick to Coke Oven Brick recipe, it should now have the same cost as directly crafting Coke Oven Brick.
    • Controller Boxes can now send the OFF aspect.
    • Fixed the Pairing network code that broke the Tuning Aura for addons.
    • Fixed RP Liquid Pipes and Liquid Fueled Boilers.
    StevesCarts by Vswe: 2.0.0.a42 to 2.0.0.a45
    New Features:
    • Recipes using saplings and dyes now also work with non-vanilla types.
    • Recipes using wood or planks now work with non-vanilla types.
    • Fixed the issue with the dark interfaces.
    Thaumcraft by Azanor: 3.0.1c to 3.0.2c
    Updated to 1.4.7
    • Welcome to tier 3!
    • casting wands now have their own gui elements
    • iron and gold keys to grant others access to an arcane door. See your thaumonomicon for details.
    • warded pressure plates (new research)
    • warded glass
    • another source of the aura aspect
    • another source of the Mutatio aspect
    • amber blocks and bricks. Blocks are crafted with 4 amber and amber bricks with 4 amber blocks. All of these can be converted back into amber.
    • several new enchants - check your thaumonomicon for details. They do not require research to unlock.
    • several additions and improvements to the api
    • thaumcraft monster worldspawns can now be disabled in the config settings
    • some server config settings will now be sent to the client whenever it connects
    • warded stone, glass and arcane door is now set to be completely unbreakable even for the person that placed them. They can only be picked up by using a casting wand on them.
    • arcane levitators are now more responsive and individual levitators in a stack can be powered down to reduce the levitation height. Only levitators above (or below) the one that has been powered down will be counted for lift or fall distance
    • aura node rarity is now configurable.
    • For texture pack makers: ss_core.png was getting a bit crowded so some stuff has been moved to ss_world.png
    • golems no longer flee when damaged. It caused more problems than it prevented
    • rebalanced the casting wands (wand of the apprentice, adept and thaumaturge)
    • changed the way data is stored for casting wands.
    • slowed casting wand recharge rates while in inventory. Wands now recharge at the same rate in both tables and the players inventory. Higher tier wands have higher recharge rates.
    • *WARNING*: Due to these changes there is a very small chance that existing casting wands with damage might break. You may also need to remove any wands from crafting tables and hold them in your inventory for a moment before they will start working with the new system.
    • in the ongoing battle to prevent data loss, research data is now saved with the players vanilla NBT data. As a happy side-effect this seems to solve the offline/online issue. \o/
    • aura data is now saved as part of the normal MC chunk data. As a result any kind of aura operations now only takes place on nodes in loaded chunks. This has already been true for the most part, but previously a small number of operations could still take place even in unloaded chunks.
    • the amount of xp a brain in a jar can hold is now capped. It only holds 1000xp, which is enough to take you from level 0 to 30 or so.
    • crystal core should no longer forget the node it is pulling if it merges with another while being pulled.
    • brain in a jar releases more xp per bonk
    • frost wand will no longer be able to break the unbreakable... oops
    • worldgen blocks are now as solid as they appear to be
    • By popular demand elemental tools and weapons have more evocative names
    • ignored criticism of certain textures... except amber bricks which did suck a bit
    • possible fix for corrupt nodeid count
    • fixed crash when displaying aspects of items without actual aspects
    • wooden golems picking up custom item entities won't cause crashes anymore
    • the wand of frost should no longer cause crashes if it hits a player with the thorns enchant
    I will be removing all legacy saving methods for both research and auras in a FUTURE update. Research data for players that haven't logged in since this update, and aura data for chunks that have not been loaded WILL be lost. Don't worry, I will give ample warning when I do it.
    Thermal Expansion by Team CoFH: 2.1.6 to 2.2.0
    • New Blocks: Tesseracts! (Item, Liquid, and Energy). Use these to make the issue of A to B less daunting. Any/all of these can absolutely be disabled entirely.
    • New Item: MJ Reader.
    • New Liquid: Molten Ender!
    • Redstone Energy Cells now remember their Redstone Control settings.
    • Information and Tutorial tabs; either/both of these can be disabled in the config files.
    • Configuration option to require Steel for Machine Frames (if present).
    • Configuration Option to use gears instead of Ingots in Machine recipes.
    • Sawmill support for Forestry logs and planks.
    • Smelter recipes for various Alloy recipes.
    • Aqueous Accumulator sided tank interaction corrected.
    • Redstone Energy Conduits now work properly with the Redstone Energy Cell.
    • Redstone Energy Conduits now play nicely with all engines.
    • Handled an issue that would occur with Redstone Energy Cells on server restarts.
    • Handled an issue that would (rarely) occur with Liquiducts and broken chunks.
    • Liquiducts should no longer be able to dupe liquid in some cases.
    • Forestry logs now give the proper amount of planks in the Sawmill.
    • Induction Smelter recipe now works with any invar ingots.
    • Default ore gen values have changed. These will not overwrite existing config files.
    • Disabling an ore will also prevent it from co-generating.
    • Engines have been revamped - the Heat mechanic is gone and the visual feedback has been altered.
    • Engines will no longer accept liquid containers via their GUI slots. REMOVE EXISTING CONTAINERS FROM MAGMATIC ENGINES WHILE YOU CAN. :)
    • Machines and Engines that hold liquids can now be filled/emptied directly by right clicking on them with an appropriate container.
    • Magma Crucible has been rebalanced a bit.
    • Magmatic Engines now require Invar Ingots and Gears instead of Tin.
    • Netherrack to Lava conversion is more expensive - this new default value IS enforced upon updating. You may still change it in the config file.
    • Render for the Portable Tank is slightly more responsive.
    • Sided connection logic for machines has been changed - it is more specific now in what can connect and when. This may cause issues with BuildCraft pipes in the short term.
    • Smelter now requires Invar Ingots instead of Sand.
    • Updated to new external APIs - this fixes a few things which weren't bugs, strictly speaking.
    • Hardened Glass can now be made with any Obsidian Dust.
    • Magma Crucible no longer supports "colorless" input - there is no need.
    • Magmatic Engine inventory should no longer appear valid for input. It will be going away in the future, truly.
    • Liquiduct distribution behavior has been altered - it should be slightly more optimal.
    • IMPORTANT: Examined the metaphysical nature of the relationship of the Pulverizer and Smelter. The road has come to a fork.
    • IMPORTANT: NEI integration has been reworked and is again included in the main zip. Hopefully this will remain possible with future versions of MC.
    • The API has been updated to allow other mods to overwrite other recipes. However, this MUST be enabled via the config. Use of alternative methods to alter existing recipes is frowned upon.
    • The API has been updated slightly to handle the above change. If you were only using the Crafting Helpers, there should not be any issue. ;)
    • Removed Brass and Bronze Conversion through dusts. This *might* get added back in through the Induction Smelter.
    • Removed Nether Ore compatibility - Nether Ores handling will be handled by the Nether Ores mod.
    • Removed Niter can no longer be pulverized into Saltpeter.
    • Removed Sulfur (Crystal) can no longer be pulverized into Sulfur (Dust).
    • New GUI and block render file to go with the Tesseracts
    • New Texture for MJ Reader.
    • GUI icons have moved around and there are new ones for the Tesseracts.
    • energy_storage.png has been renamed to energy_cell.png - sorry about this.
    • Energy Cell render texture has been renamed. Sorry about that.
    • Engine texture style has changed to represent the "new" engines. Texture packs do not have to update these files, but it is is recommended.
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    Thermal Expansion NEI by Team CoFH: Newly Added
    NEI was updated to support the most recent version of Thermal Expansion
    Twilight Forest by Benimatic: Added in Direwolf20 Pack, 1.14.0 to 1.15.1 in the others
    For Direwolf20 users, please read this wiki page to understand all features of Twilight Forest.
    • Added warning to [WIP] block tooltip
    • Added a few more valid internal values to the recharge recipe for the zombie scepter
    • Lots more stairs in the dark forest towers
    • Beam parkour mazes in tower centers
    • Mini ghasts spawn in the beam mazes
    • Restructured some of the dark tower construction methods to remove some of the state from the StructureComponent object
    • Made tower wood blocks somewhat less hard
    • Lots of work on four "magic" trees, to be found as treasure
    • Fixed a bug (or two) where maps would get incorrect ID numbers and possibly overwrite existing maps or other weirdness
    • Fixed a bug where changing recipe sizes would leave leftover items able to be picked up on the uncrafting table
    • Fixed a bug affecting magic maps on the server
    • Fixed another glitch that would change one sapling into another
    Direwolf20 & Mindcrack Pack:
    IC2 Nuclear Control by Shedar: 1.4.5 to 1.4.6
    • fixed 'e' bug in text card
    • fixed thermal monitor redstone bug (update on settings changing with a turned off reactor)
    • additional checks to prevent from nullpointer crashing with invalid info panel cards
    • added compatibility with BC energy storages (you can use Energy Sensor Kit on BC energy storage)
    • added compatibility with GregTech reactor cells (plutonium and thorium)
    • mB/t output instead of EU/t for steam reactors
    • updated block textures (tried to make machines more "steel")
    ModularForcefieldSystem by ThunderDark: to
    • add new Stuff and changed make new some Parts..
    • Config Option for DefenceStation in NPC Mode to disable enter area notification
    • change FF touch Damage System only Damage Player without rights
    • DefenceStation in search not Spam every second only if found prohibited items..and removes this
    • ..lot of internal Code changes for new ControlSystem Update...
    • workon/fix Memory Leak and CPU Leak
    • fix crashbug
    • fix texture Bug in Projector
    • fix Convertor Powerloop
    • Hotfixing: CPU "LAG" with Large Forcefields reduced by ~ 70%
    • CPU "LAG" with Forcefield NPC/Player Defece reduced by ~80%
    Extra Bees by Binnie: Added in Direwolf20, - 1.5 in Mindcrack
    For Direwolf20 users, please visit this page for some tutorial videos on the mod.
    • Current version built using Forge build #507, for use with Forestry 2.0
    • Fixed the genepool error due to inventory bug
    • Fixed overflow error due to packet derp
    • Master Apiarist Database, a non-craftable unlocked database
    • Can click on species in mutation tab to goto that species
    • Fixed crash to do with key binding
    • Several database tweaks to hide mutations
    • Stopped serums being repairable
    Direwolf20 Modpack Only
    Compact Solars by cpw: to
    Unkown update changes, please PM me with information
    MindCrack Modpack Only
    Advanced Machines by AtomicStryker: 4.7a to 4.7b

    • fixed "pick block"
    GregTech by Gregorious Technicities: 2.75b to 2.77f
    • OreDict-Unification-API-Function.
    • Config to disable the requirement of the Blast Furnace for Steel, Aluminium, Chrome, Titanium and Tungsten.
    • Minor Tweaks were added too.
    • Made Machines able to catch Fire
    • Machines now explode when on Fire. This happens randomly, so that the Fire has time to spread to other Machines.
    • Distillation Tower and two currently Byproduct-Free Recipes for Oil and Biomass Cells (Liquid Pipes currently not supported)
    • Recipes for the Vacuum Freezer regarding the diffrent Coolant Cells
    • cheap Recipes to the Industrial Blast Furnace to create Bronze, Brass and Invar directly from Ingots, similar to Thermocrafts Induction Smelter.
    • Magic Energy Converter. This Device is capable of converting the Magic Energy from Items and magic Fluids into pure electric Energy.
    • Magic Energy Absorber, a Device capable of extracting Magic Energy from enhanted Tools and close by Ender Crystals
    • the Functionality of extracting Vis from the Thaumic Nodes to the Magic Energy Absorber.
    • Thorium and Plutonium Dusts
    • Made Energy Explosions of my Machines even more dangerous, by letting Machines emit EU upon explosion IN ALL 6 DIRECTIONS! First it emits a packet of 32 EU, then 128, 512, 2048 and 8192 EU, which will fry almost every Cable and detonate any Machine connected to said Cable.
    • Uranium Ore has now Plutonium Dust as byproduct instead of Tungsten.
    • Overloaded every regular Smelting Recipe, which was able to create these 5 Ingots if the before mentioned Configs are set to the default. Those Smelting Recipes will create Dusts instead of Ingots
    • unificated the Output of Thermal Expansions Machines (and to adjust some of the Outputs to match the Macerator equivalents). Secondary Outputs aren't altered
    • Silver Ore to Silverlead Ore. @TexturepackMakers: The 6 diffrent Ore Textures for all the GT-Ores are now a bit better randomized.
    • Improved Item Movement Code of my Automation Machines, to be able to limit Stacksizes at the Target Inventory
    • Generalized Storage Block Crafting. The old Configs for Storage Blocks are now all Ineffective, please use the advanced Config to restrict some of the Blocks.
    • GUI of the Advanced Regulator a bit.
    • Improved the QuantumChest Code a large bit
    • Recipe for Steel. You now need a refined Iron Ingot and 2 Coal.
    • the output of centrifuging lava a tiny bit
    • accidently overloaded Recipes of Thermal Expansion.
    • Fixed minor Bugs.
    • Fixed Recipes.
    • Fixed Frame releated Stuff.
    • Fixed Progress-lost-on-Chunkload-and-then-complaining-about-insufficient-Energy-even-if-it-has-more-than-enough-Energy-Bug of my Multiblock Machines.
    • Fixed "Energy-Issue"
    • Fixed Dragon Egg Siphon.
    • Fixed Thermocraft API usage
    • fixed Sync-Nullpointers in MetaTileEntities
    Petroleum Generator by DrCeph: 1.1 to 1.2.1
    • Block front panel now faces player on placement
    • Cross-mod compatability - now able to convert TrainCraft ores into Buildcraft oil.
    • Fixed bug where naturally generated TC ore blocks would not macerate due to non-standard ore generation
    TrainCraft by Spitfire4466 & MrBrutal: 3.1.13 010 to 3.1.13 030
    • Added shapeless recipes for train workbench
    • Added missing recipes for trains (15)
    • Added an option for steel being in ore dictionary
    • Fixed ore spawn rates, ores will no longer go crazy
    • Fixed some minor GUI lighting issues
    • Fixed Assembly table tooltip (no. of known recipes)
    • Fixed camera glitching on trains
    • Fixed some rotation problems on trains
    • Fixed tracks builder digging down and getting stuck
    • Fixed NPE on builder cart on server
    • Fixed GUI opening while in chat
    • Rewrote train workbench to be a tile entity (Now keeps items on close)
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