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Jul 29, 2019

Monster Pack
Version: 1.1.1
(Det0x with a Zero)

We are a community of gamers whose diversity covers a broad spectrum of games including Feed The Beast Monster Pack. We are a newly opened Factions Server with a helpful staff and are currently accepting applications for new staff! We are looking to develop a mature community base on our Feed the Beast server so that everyone can enjoy slaughtering one another without all the crybabies. We have a heavily populated Teamspeak server, and we enjoy being able to directly communicate with our players so that we can tell when our insults really hit home. Just kidding... sorta. It's all in good fun and we just want you to be a part of it with us! So if you enjoy the server please take the time to vote and/or donate. Come check us out!

We're boasting a Xeon core dedicated server @ 3.9 Ghz, with 32gb of ram, multiple SSD with autosave and backup every 15 minutes a dedicated 1Gb up and downlink protected by enterprise DDOS protection. If your looking for raw chunk processing power, look no further.

Layman's Terms... No Lag and never lose your stuff!

"Some" of the cool features:

  • Factions
  • Online time ranking system.
  • Awesome Starter Kit
  • PvP
  • Economy
  • Player Shops
  • Few Banned Items
  • Mystcraft mining world
  • Cheap Donor packs


    • [1] No Grief/Theft!
    • [2]No Hacks/Mods/X-Ray/Flight!
    • [3]No SPAM/Advertising/CAPS/
    • [4]No Racist or obscene remarks to other players, it will not be tolerated.
    • [5]No Offensive Builds/Symbols/pixelart!
    • [6]&f No Complaining about dying, this is a Faction server.
    • [6]Be Respectful to other players, however trash talking is allowed to a point!
    • [7]Moderators and Admins(as well as their opinions) are to be respected!
    • [8]Admins and mods have the final say. If you have issues that cannot be resolved in game, visit the Teamspeak!
    • [9]The rules may change without notice at any time!

Matter Cannon: Bypasses protections.
Self Destruct System: Causes server lag.
REP: Bypasses protections.
SPAMR Launcher: Bypasses protections.
Wand Focus Primal: Bypasses protections.
Wand Focus Portable Hole: Bypasses protections.
Terraformer: Bypasses protections.
Armor Stand: Causes server lag & client crash
Triangulator: Bugged.
ArkaneBore: Causes server lag.
ComputerCraft: Bypasses protections.
Creating Mystcraft Worlds: Lags with quantity.
Mining Laser: Bypasses protections.
Block Breakers & Placers: (Restricted to online time)
Music Box: Causes server lag.
Landmarks: Causes server lag. Donator Only.
Personal Achor: Restricted to Peasant and above.
Personal Achor Cart: Donator Only.
LinkingBook: Restricted to Peasant and above.
World Anchor: Causes server lag. Donator Only.
Chunk Loader: Causes server lag.
Spot Loader: Causes server lag.
Crystal Chest: Causes Client and Sever lag.

Banned Items may all be accessible through ranking system soon!

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