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Open Server DemonicTech FTB [Mindcrack l Essentials l Factions]

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by awsome1102, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. awsome1102

    awsome1102 New Member

    Make note: the banner will always say offline there is an issue with Multicraft pannel and Mindcrack​

    1) No stealing
    2) No spawn killing
    3) No greifing
    4) No asking for teleport
    5) No asking for items
    6) Don't abuse exploits
    7) No Hacking

    Banned Items:
    Nuke (obvious reasons)
    Might ban other items later.


    This server requires:
    FTB Mindcrack pack
    Located at feed-the-beast.com
    We run bukkit forge which is in heavy dev. so the server might be a little laggy so the server is restarted every 2 hours if i need to i can bump the time down to an hour.
    See you on the server​
    Regards, awsome1102: Owner​
  2. Billy

    Billy New Member

    Hey awsome you there? I need more info

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