Dedicated Server Failing to Start - Mythcraft Related

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Katherine1, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Katherine1

    Katherine1 New Member

    So we played for a while and everything seemed to run fine. I decided to shut down the server to back it up and then start it back up. When I tried to start the serve back up, I got the following Error Report:

    The server will not start back up now. Is there any way to save this server?
  2. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

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  3. thejoshknight

    thejoshknight New Member

    I get the Server tick loop all the time on SSP. I suspect it must be an inherent flaw with the way the modpack is built, as it seems to happen no matter the mods used or what server you're on.
  4. Katherine1

    Katherine1 New Member

    Found it. It is a known Mystcraft problem:

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  5. Greedseed

    Greedseed New Member

    Thank you very much for sharing the sollution.
  6. Katherine1

    Katherine1 New Member

    No problem, and just to note, do not delete any higher numbered agedata files. Those are the contents of all your descriptive books. Everything will work fine if you remove just the one listed.
  7. IamMcIovin

    IamMcIovin New Member

    Where do you find the agedata files?
  8. Katherine1

    Katherine1 New Member

    Right where that quote says it is. SAVE is the name of the world. the file may be named agedata_0.dat either way, only delete 0. All files above that are all the descriptive books you have made.

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