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Open Server DadeCraft | FTB Ultimate | No Whitelist | Custom Code /w Items patched | Low item ban | Towny

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Dadealus, May 5, 2013.

  1. Dadealus

    Dadealus New Member

    We run FTB Ultimate! If you are unable to join or it says missing mods be sure to update your mod pack!

    Address: FTB.DadeCraft.NET
    Port: 25565 Website & Forum: DadeTekk.com
    TeamSpeak3 Server: TS.DadeCraft.Net

    List of commonly banned Items we have fixed(grief) and are NOT BANNED on our server!
    Gravity Gun - Grief no longer possible!
    Arcane Table - dupe patched :) and yes you can break the table
    Canvas Bag - dupe patched
    Wand Of Excavation - Grief no longer possible!
    Axe of the Stream - Grief no longer possible!
    Ice/Fire/Lightning Wands - Grief/pvp bypass no longer possible!
    Wand of Equal Trade - Grief no longer possible!
    Portal Gun - Grief no longer possible!
    Twilight Forrest - Crash patched!
    Linking Books
    Modular Powersuits - most servers are banning it now... well not us! we have fixed the network problem with modular powersuits ;)
    Quarry - Grief no longer possible!

    We have identified ways to fix the following commonly banned items and will complete the fixes soon!
    Mining Laser (grief bug)
    Destruction Catalyst (grief bug)
    Forestry bag(s) (Dupe)
    Arcane Bore (Lag/protection bypass)
    More to come! we are in the process of moving from Tekkit to FTB now that we have a fully functional version of bukkit on FTB!

    Main Features
    + Towny & Player Driven Economy
    + Very few banned items, lots of buggy FTB items fixed!
    **About **
    We're focused on providing a great, balanced server fun for everyone, focused on pvp and economy but supporting more casual play styles by allowing no-pvp towns!
    On top of this we strive to constantly make our server faster, with thousands of custom tweaks and fixes, incredible hardware and great network connectivity we strive to be the fastest FTB server out there.

    GregTech Is Enabled

    ** Rules**
    1. Absolutely no cheating; Any kind of hacking will be prompt and immediate action. We have multiple anti-cheat plugins and we're always on the lookout for violators. We use global banlists and will happily ban anyone who tries to hack or exploit on our server, you have been warned. There are no excuses for this kind of activity.
    2. Griefing is allowed in unprotected areas. You may destroy anything that is not protected. This is a PVP server, so expect combat.
    3. Respect the Staff, Admins, Moderators and especially other players, it's a game, have fun and play fair!
    4. No Spamming or Advertising, this includes constant CAPS and excessive profanity.
    5. Do not ask for promotions, rank ups or Op, you won't get it and will be asked to leave.
    6. We will not spawn items for you, don't ask. It's not a Creative server, its Survival.
    7. If you have a problem or a question use the /modreq command first, then ask a helper or a Mod, they're here to help you! Don't just shout for an admin.
    Developer Jewmangroup
    Moderator Unknownmonkey101 anja_sommer
    Positions AVAILABLE! Please check our website for details!
    150 Slots 1Gbps Connection
    8 CPU Cores 64GB of DDR3 RAM
    Raid SSD
    Notable plugins
    Towny, Essentials, LWC, PVPLogger, HawkEye & more...
  2. davidmeow2

    davidmeow2 New Member

    Is GregTech enabled?
  3. Dadealus

    Dadealus New Member

  4. davidmeow2

    davidmeow2 New Member

    Ok[DOUBLEPOST=1367969543][/DOUBLEPOST]Hard mode or easy mode?

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