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Open Server CyanDale FTB Yogcraft pack! PVP+Raiding! 24/7!

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by KooLBeanS, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. KooLBeanS

    KooLBeanS New Member



    3GB Ram! (Possibly upgrading in the next day or two)
    70 Slots! (Possibly more in the next day or two)

    We are a 24/7 FTB Yogcraft private hosted server. PVP and raiding is allowed for the time being but may change in the future so hide your chests well!
    • Don't swear
    • Don't spam
    • Respect admin's
    • No advertising
    • No cursing other plays because they killed you, it is a pvp server!
    • No camping spawn to kill people
    • No spamming tp requests to people
    • Most important rule, HAVE FUN!
    • Craig
    • Jordan
    • FuZz (Admin)
    • bob Admin)
    • jj (Admin)
    • Lazergaze (Admin)
    • Rachel (Mod)
    • Matrix (Mod)
    • Olivero_ (Mod)
    Website: www.cyandale.com
    Twitter: @Cyandale
    Teamspeak: ts57.light-speed.com:9442
    Currently averaging 60 players per day. Nearly 4000 unique users.
    Uptime: 95.98% in the past week
    Vote: Vote here
    Note: We are in need of donators. So if you are able to donate, and wish to do so, please go here: Donate

    Banned items:
    • Power tool (Grief spawn)
    • Soul shard mod (Not banned but are limited)
    • Nukes (Do I need to explain why)
    • World anchors (Will lag the server if 50 people have chunks open when offline)
    • Gravity gun (Grief spawn)
    • Essentials
    • Clear lag
    • GriefPrevention
    • SimpleAutoannouncer
    • Tekkitcustomizer
    • Vault
    • Spamguard

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