Open Server CreatureCraft [50slot][24/7 dedicated][pvp-toggle][MyTown][MCPC+][WIP][No-Whitelist]

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Jul 29, 2019
New Server WIP
Server IP:
We are using the Direwolf pack right now until I can get a custom pack approved.​
Very Small ban list​
So while I am trying to have as open a server as possible, there are still items that will be banned because some things are bugged, the following is a list of what is banned and what maybe donation bases items.
Item Name - Item Number - Reason​
  • Canavas Bag - 5258 - This item can be used to dup other items, it is a bug withing the code
  • Crystal Chest Upgrade - 19762 - This makes a diamond chest into a crystal chest which causes huge lag
  • Crystal Chest - 975:5 - Causes a great amount of lag
  • Quarry - 516 - This destroys the world, causes lag, and can be used to grief other players. This will be able to be used in a mining world that is yet to be made, I'm having a hard time getting it to work right. But this is also be a donation perk more than likely
  • Chunk Loaders - 29997:49, 1053, 1054:10, 7759 - These are chunk loading items, yes there are some others but these are banned, if you need to load a chunk please use the personal anchor, Item 1053:2
  • Frame Motor - 763:7 - This can be used to make a different type of machine that can be used to grief or to bypass other players property
  • Filler - 507 - This can be used to grief or to make a mess of the world
This list may or may not be complete and can change for any reason, somethings might be added or removed, if the list is updated it will be posted on the front page.
As for the economy of the server
I am looking into a chestshop style server and have begone compiling a working price list.​
As for donations, both previous and future
Donation are always welcome and go directly to the server and any upgrades that we might do. No money is ever taken out for anything that is not related to the server.​
Donation ranks are a WIP


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Jul 29, 2019
Very nice server, no lag and with personal anchors enabled! so cool!
Edit; Server down bro