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Crash Landing, early infinite water, and dirt machine.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by wolfsilver00, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. wolfsilver00

    wolfsilver00 New Member

    So, messing around with my shears trying to get a jungle sapping to dupe my orange tree that fell victim to my harvester thinking he was part of the wood farm, I found out that when you shear leaves and you get a sapling, you don't lose said leaves.. So the design is simple a fuck:

    1 Block Placer
    1 Redstone clock
    1 Autonomous Activator
    1 Hopper
    1 Item Duct
    Iron for shears

    The design is simple, Autonomous Activator with left click, with shears in the inventory, pointing at the place where the block placer will put the shears, adjacent to the block placer the redstone clock, that effectively makes the farm, if you want to stay there and collect the stuff you can, but reloading the block placer is boring so just put a hopper with an itemduct (whitelisted to leaves) extracting from the hopper into the block placer, that way you have a loop.. After 10 minutes come back to replace broken shears and to collect the saplings that the hopper will get.. Of course if you use oak sapling you will get apples too, so yeah, also infinite apples, but at a seriously low rate, you are better off making an apple tree...

    If you want to automate further, point the hopper into a chest and then from the chest run the item ducts into whatever you need, barrels for dirt or your water machine :p

    Good luck and never die again in the first days! Water means hidration and dirt means seeds for variety and space to plant :3
  2. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    also works when using infested leaves, if you need string
    though it does use up quite some iron
  3. wolfsilver00

    wolfsilver00 New Member

    Iron in this map is infinite so it doesn't matter :p
  4. adamich

    adamich New Member

    iron inf, but not in first days, and by the day U get a lot of iron THAT machine is not useful
  5. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    pretty much this
  6. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Agreed, you usually have systems in place that provide a steady source of water and dirt long before you have a confirmed steady supply of iron. The OP states they have a harvester, so they are long beyond early days.
    I'm still manually growing trees, shearing leaves, filling my hopper>crucible with leaves to process into water while dumping what dust I'm able to dig up to sieve, scrabbling for more iron to make more shears.
    Need to hit a city really soon for ore doubling.
  7. wolfsilver00

    wolfsilver00 New Member

    You guys remember that shears are 2 iron each right? if you go to the city the first day (or second) and just loot ground level chests you will get almost a stack of iron and some invar, besides some other useful loot.. And you don't even need to worry about water and food, as you get beef jerky and water in the city... Just take a leadstone battery just in case you find a flux pickaxe so you can just harvest the things you'll need for the smeltery.. Really, the process in early game crash landing is:

    Start the game, do you available quests fast.
    Cobble gen, you can get it before the first night with some tunnels for the water to meet with pyrotheum.
    Use that cobble to get the quest of the cooking items, for this you'll need only 13 cobble, counting the slab furnace.
    Spend the night mining dust in your base, then when the day arrives, go to the city, loot everything you can, as long as you don't enter buildings with zombie pigman, you shouldn't even need a weapon. Just your bone pickaxe to clear some spawners quickly.. If you get the flux pickaxe you can start mining the special buildings with pipes, as you will be able to destroy the spawners from outside with the special 3x1 effect.. After that you go home and you are really set with iron, a lot from the city, and double iron coming from the new smeltery.. And the second day is pretty early game I think, you just need to prioritize your time and learn to do what is going to make your stay better in the long run.. Staying in home until you have full armor and shit to go to the city is also a valid idea, but it's a serious waste of time..
  8. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Remember, not everyone is skilled enough to survive the city in the first day or so. That's quite a high risk gamble but with high rewards.
    Most players would prefer to get a safe base built up before tackling the even more dangerous areas.

    There is no single process to playing crash landing, as it depends on players skills, knowledge and interests.
  9. wolfsilver00

    wolfsilver00 New Member

    Well, I think that if you are going to delete the world eventually because you die on the city, it's better to take the risk early so there is less time invested on it.. It's a double win, even if you die 3 times, eventually you will get the nicest of starts :p
  10. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Well a harvester that, when you have have infinite ressources, can be used to shear leaves... And have a second one set to not shear leaves to get some more saplings. Rater use power then ressources to get something that easy :p

    I hope you are joking... Just the fact you can get a jetpack in day 5-6 and go to the city with low danger and way higher rewards make your awesome plan sound amanzingly awesome (not)
  11. wolfsilver00

    wolfsilver00 New Member

    So, you are telling me that having a smeltery working at day 1 or 2 that allows you to dupe (Or triple if you have the charcoal to spare, which you will) your ores just at the start of the game, just because you can wait 3 more days to get a jetpack (which, seems you haven't played this pack, which irritates me even more, because you CANT get the jetpack without going to the city first), is not a good idea? Like seriously? Don't you understand the concept of progressive advance? You don't need to raid the whole city in one sweep (Which you, even with a jetpack, can't), and getting the precise materials needed for early advancement is not really hard. And if you had the luck to get a flux pick, then it's not hard at all, as you can actually destroy the 2 spawners in those buildings from outside using the 3x1 function.
    Also, a jetpack doesn't mean low danger, if you get cocky just because you have a jetpack you are going to die without doubt, being careful is what counts, not your jetpack, the jetpack makes the city raid faster, not safer, and I want to point out again that you need to go to the city first to get the jetpack, so your whole post is kinda BS and just wanting to correct me without info.. And I just want to know, are you familiar with the concept of "Going back"? Like. it's not that if you raid in the second day (which would get you full armor, a bunch of quests, your precious jetpack and more materials) you can't go back later.. As of now in my playthrough I've gone to the city 8 or 9 times, can't remember, to clear it up, and now im at the third raid of my second city...

    Also, using 2 harvesters is not a good idea, waste of a machine frame that early game could be used to get you going through quests.. You already have an autonomous activator, so you don't waste anything but a little bit of iron, which again, if you do the raid, you will have more than enough.
  12. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    I'm 99.9% certain I built my first jetpack without going to the city. The low tier (next to useless) leadstone one using the quest reward thrusters.
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  13. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    yea I forsure didn't play this pack, just finished 5 times...

    seems like you never actually went to the city, you want to take over a place with 3 spawners, which probably one will be a blaze or a pigmen = you are dead

    Like said above, unless you are a genius and never checked the quest reward, you can have truster after the metal quest, which is quite early (unless i am a noob, oh wait nope I am not) oh and you don't need to go to the city to make a jetpack even without the truster... just no ore doubling xd What you want to go to the city and look like direwolf?

    Oh and yes you can raid a city faster, better, more efficiently and with less risk with a jetpack by simply running away from the blaze and pigmens and taking over everything else. You probably don't know this, but the appartement building don't have spawner on top level, but have 2 one 1st floor and 2 on 2nd floor. That's 4 spawner out of 6 different possible spawner which 2 of them will most probably kill you before you even figure out what happend, but hey, going in from the top, i guess you can do a super jump?

    Raiding the city the 2nd day won't give you anything beneficial other the a good amount of death a love of pigmens. What quest can you even complete from there? You will need the finish the metal quest which gives the truster for opening any useful quest line anyway

    And good for you for raiding the city 5 times! I have raided 5 city by the time you acctually raided the same... There is nothing to be proud of going to the city to bring back 5 water bottle and an iron ingot... 5 times...

    OH WAIT!
    You say your thing is super duper awesome and will make you so much better
    But you can't afford 2 machine frames? Well that's cool, maybe if you could have raided more then a single PC building you would have enough circuit to make it? but you don't! Because you are a cocky little bastard who thing he is the master of Crash Landing because he can raid a building and a half by the day 2!
  14. wolfsilver00

    wolfsilver00 New Member

    You are telling me that you raided a city with the leadstone thrusters, that you got from the quest of the metal, which means that you got at least 96 metal dusts from sieving, doing that without ore dupe is just stupid.. I do admit though, that its possible without going to the city, tought it was in the same chain as the smeltery. About all the spawners location, if you run away from everything you will get nothing, get a scyte and pigmen/blazes will be nothing but dust. Also it would be wise to understand that minecraft is a voxel game, you can pill up, destroy things from outside buildings.. You don't have to run away from everything.. Stop making the city look like its a bloody hell, is pretty well balanced and if raided with patience you can clear every building you encounter with just a pickaxe, water bucket and an iron sword (early).

    I died only 2 times in the city, once I had to restart the world and the other I already had the sync shell prepared, and I only ran once from a building because I had heat stroke after stepping on a blazes fire. If you run head on like terminator you are going to die, if you go to a building with a plan, even if it has 6 zombie pigman and 6 blazes spawners, you can clear it with ease using your brain instead of pure muscle. Again, minecraft = voxel.

    Machine frames require infrastructure that even if you go to the city the first day, you can't get. That's why I talk about a waste of an autonomous activator (Again, in early game) You'r first autonomous should be used for quests. (At least the harvester one) then go for the autonomous, but it's a waste of a good machine frame to make another harvester (Unless you have already done every quest, in which case there is no point in saving up machine frames).

    Again, I'm a cocky little bastard (Watch your mouth kiddo) who can raid 10 buildings with nothing more than a pickaxe, 2 stacks of dust (Or other pillable shit), a water bucket (Which can be used against blazes and to keep away pigmens... seems you don't know minecraft physics) and an iron sword. If you can't do that, then you should realize that you are bad at minecraft and you are playing it like mortal combat, which is not the most effective way, use your brain and you will have a better time on minecraft.

    About completing quests going to the city, there is 2 quests to complete by going to the city, and besides that, the duplication of ores makes your stay in the dusty planet pretty easy, so it's basically useful for every quest (except the first 5 which don't require metals). Also going to the city get's you golden apples to use in dezombification syringes (which are expensive if you don't have a duplication setup for gold) which means villagers, which means infinite emeralds with an easy setup of doors and smeltery, which means infinite a lot of stuff (That is sold by villagers at least).

    So, in short: If you can't raid the city properly, it's because of your own lack of ability and critical thinking, not because the city is hell and should be avoided at any cost, if I can raid it easily is because I know how to, and you don't. Now I explained it to you (USE FUCKING WATER) and you will never die again no matter how much shit there is.

    "yea I forsure didn't play this pack, just finished 5 times..." Sure, and you still are scared of the city?

    Yep, that was my bad, tought the leadstone thrusters quest was dependant on both the smeltery and the metals one.. (I did that quest looong long ago so it's not easy to remember :p)
  15. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    well by the first night you sift 2-3 stacks of dust, the only one usually hanging back in gold at 8-10/16. Quick calculation, that's 5 stacks of dust and by day 2-3, you have auto sifting up already anyway (unless you hate water channel then i will just facepalm to death). That's done by day 4 max 5

    There, get a scythe... Without a smeltery, by day 2? Seems legit... And if you run away from blaze/pigmen, you can loot around 60-70% of the chest 100% SAFELY! without a jetpack, I would say, maybe 5-10%?

    So, iron sword... lol

    Again, died two times, for what gain? And I died only once in a city from a baby brutish pigmen with a bow who one shoted me from the adjacent building

    So, you think you can break in a building with 6 pigmen spawner? one, lol, two film yourself, for the fun of it

    Didn't understand much of what you said about frames there, but making frames once you have a smeltery/high oven and a compression chamber is quite easy, espicially if you rush the assembly platform, you will drown in them

    First don't call me kiddo, that's just a way to make you think you are superior to me because you think you are older, which is bad for the brain. Second, how do you plan on dealing with a single pigmen with a bow? or just 3 regular pigmen? you will be dead before you even but your water down. Great, you can take over 10 building with next to nothing, is that a good reason for others to do it? I can raid building for days with a jetpack, a pickaxe, a mattock and a bit of power, without any problem

    a cobble gen with a pulveriser and survavlist generator will do the same for emerald, but with some awesome byproducts called every metal and diamonds

    You basicly wrote two big post on the fact that you can put water down? Well congratz! You took 30 mins to take over a fucking building because you are the smartest person in the world!

    Patience is a vertue, do you even have it?

    And no, not scared of the city, as I pretty much looted all of them in a 2k radius, that was the most stupidest line I'e ever wrote

    On this, I am leaving you and your stupidity. Have fun in game and don't forget to put your water down before you die
  16. wolfsilver00

    wolfsilver00 New Member

    First: I would like you to consider the fact that you are only trying to make the city look as hellish as possible because you lack the ability to raid it properly, and you don't want anyone to tell you that is actually easy because you will feel like you are not as good as you though. Now you are just making excuses and it's starting to bore me. But for the sake of clarity:

    1) Day 2-3? Again, no need to wait, ore duping in the first or second day will yield you twice as much. If you go for the high oven, (Which requires some more effort) triple. If you can't understand that, not my problem.

    2) Talked about the scyte in late game, not in 2 days. (I think that you could get it in the second day if you had a good income of iron in the city and got the alumite scyte head from a building, but I think it's better to use that iron for hoppers if you don't have aluminum yet, and for armor and various thingies that require iron.)

    3) If you don't run away from zombie pigman and blazes then the next time you go to the city you will not have to deal with them because you destroy the spawners, can't understand that? Again, not my problem.

    4) Wrong, you can loot every single chest easily, with I would say a 90% chance of doing it safely if you do it with patience and correctly. Can't understand the power of water? Not my fucking problem. Stop watching direwolf and start watching people who play vanilla (Like etho) And you will learn much more.

    5) I will call you whatever I want, as you were the one who called me a cocky bastard, which means you think you are superior than me because you think Im not as good as Im saying (Add let met tell you something, it's not that i'm good, i'm actually worse than etho for example, there is a ton of trick's that I can't do (stair parachuting for example, or water bucket parachuting are seriously hard for me, to the point I dont even try) its that you are bad. Plain bad. You forgot vanilla basic shit. News flash kiddo, vanilla still works in modded..).

    6) Deal with pigman with a bow? Why are you doing that? You do know that you can put blocks right? And that they actually STOP ARROWS? Now, for the regular 3 pigman: Put bucket of water, which will push them away, then, put a block in front of you to be able to get to stop properly and dont get washed by the water, then smack the crap out of them while pushing backwards so you are safe when they jump because of the hit.

    7) Yes, it's worth it, because when I come home I have the basics I need to start doing all I want without any trouble, further exploration of the city besides going to 2 smelt bulding and 3 or 4 (If you are looking to get the quick assembly) pneumatic buildings, is just fluff and trying to get raw materials like iron, invar, apples and heart canisters. Which you don't need right away, so yeah, completely worth it.

    8) Congratulations on raiding with all that stuff, welcome to the 100% who can do it, do you want a cookie or something? Minecraft is a game about thinking and being creative, you are just doing what you are told, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a better way. The fact that you are unable to accomplish something without your jetpack doesn't mean that no one can do it, and also doesn't mean that it's not worth it, you may have trouble doing it in the second die and find it worthless, I don't, I just go and beat the crap out of the spawners from outside/below and then pill up and do the same with the enemies, takes more time (Which means more food) that's why I have to come back quick, after 10 to 15 builds, but yet again, I come back with all I need.

    9) Diamonds are not that usefull in this map. You don't get that much emeralds sifting gravel, you get enough to get you by but not enough to trade with villagers. You can fucking melt villagers into emeralds. Ergo, villagers = better source of emeralds than gravel.

    10) Yeah, of course, gravel gives you every metal, but you can't triple it. You can only triple dust. And the time spent in making gravel is time you could spend with an indestructible cobalt shovel (Not hard to get) getting stacks and stacks and stacks and more stacks of dust to sieve using a steve's factory setup (which is fast as fuck, check it on youtube if necessary). So in the end, gravel is only useful for one piece of lapis (After that, you can just convert pneumatic seeds to lapis) and some diamonds. Yup, Ill take the dust with redstone, glowstone and certus.. And the triple ores. Thanks!

    11) 30 minutes to raid a building with water? Dude, just stop crying like a kid because I broke your perfect world in which you are the master of the masters because you can do what everyone can, and grab a fucking bucket of water and go to the city. If you don't believe me (which would destroy your ego, so I understand that you are reluctant to admit the fact that there is an easy way to raid) then try it yourself.

    12)Yes it is, and yes I do.

    13) Sooo.. looted like what? 4 cities? Maybe 5? Please, at the point you have the time to loot that much, you should have enough infrestructure to get 4 times what you get on those cities, that's just a lie dude, don't hype yourself without thinking first.

    14) I will not! Thanks for the support, have a nice day, babay!
  17. zerolightning

    zerolightning New Member

    Just saying please report this
    To the modpack maker( the one that made that modpack) Thank you :D
  18. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Girls girls calm down. You're both pretty.
  19. pc_assassin

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    You mean @Iskandar ?

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