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Open Server Cousins Clan - Horrizons - 2.1.0 - Open - Unlimited RAM, USERS & STORAGE.

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by JL_Lbee, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. JL_Lbee

    JL_Lbee New Member

    No PVP, No Griefing, No Blacklist (may change if the need arises)
    Perk Ranks Available! Click here!

    After you install the launcher
    1) - Launch the game(HORIZONS 2.1.0) and let the files Download
    2) - When you see the MOJANG Screen, Stop the loading OR wait on it to finish
    3) - then go back to the Launcher
    4) - Click on the "Edit Mod Pack" Button
    5) - in the Disabled Mods List, Enable ALL EXCEPT:
    JourneyMap, Opis, & ZansMiniMap. Leave these Disabled!
    Then Launch the game again.
    On the Multiplayer:
    Add Server
    If you need help or have problems, Join us on TS ; cousins.clants.net:8397

    Cousins Clan

    IP: play.cousinsclan.com
    You can play for free, but you must be a member of our Website - www.cousinsclan.com
    After you register, the website will make you a member in the game, We have an automated rank and shop system.
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