Could you Post "Non-Classics" Packs ?


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Hey everyone !

This is an idea I have since, let's say a few days yet, and I would like to have some more information ...

I'm currently updating and making a "Classic" pack, called Discovery, of which the link is below [Insert Ads Here], and I'm really enjoying adding mods and quests to it...

However, I would like to try something different, something new, a pack that isn't around tech or magic, just around adventure and fun, like ... Hexxit ? Maybe this is the worst example I can give, but it would be a pack in the same idea.

[Note : I know that Hexxit 2 is around the corner, don't worry ...]

The question is here, could you post a pack like this on the FTB Launcher ? I know there are some packs that are pointing in this direction, like Horizon or TolkienCraft, but not as far as I would go ...

If someone has the answer :)

Thanks for reading,