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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dravarden, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    I'm more or less new with FTB so I want to now how you convert:
    EU to MJ (forestry engine)
    MJ to EU (Magma Crucible [!])
    EU to Bluelectric (?)
    MJ to Bluelectric (?)
    Bluelectric to EU (redpower motor[?])
    Bluelectric to MJ (redpower motor [?])

    Is there a spacial mod not in the pack? A special trick?
  2. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr Active Member

    When redpower is released you can create a blulectric motor and I think eloraam may be planning to add other ways to convert blutricity into other forms of energy. You can create EU with a forestry bio generator which is kindof converting MJ to EU or use the railcraft machine that converts MJ to EU, see direwolfs latest railcraft spotlight.
  3. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    MJ to EU in railcraft is a waste, and MJ/EU to Bluelectric?
  4. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr Active Member

    I wouldn't say railcraft's conversion is a waste railcraft is just a lot more balanced than other mods in my opinion. As of now there are no ways to convert EU or MJ to blutricity mainly because respower isn't even released yet. If you want to be updated on what eloraam adds watch direwolf's videos.
  5. Kinsata

    Kinsata Active Member

    I've been converting MJ to EU by using the MJ to power a Magma Crucible hooked up to a Geothermal Generator. Eats up some netherack, but it's been pretty solid for EU production.
  6. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    not that awesome (idea :there should be a machine that you power it with engines and it charges like an mfsu) but its ok

    seems that redpower is ''special'' since there isnt really another plugin/mod that converts...

    WTFFFS Well-Known Member

    There has only been one mod item afaik that converted it's "power" into Blutricity and that was the Thaumcraft2 Arcane Generator, Eloraam is somewhat protective of her mod and well fair enough it's her mod :)
    Personally I don't mind not having converters just gives me an excuse to build more things that do stuffs :D
  8. Kinsata

    Kinsata Active Member

    Well, yeah. :D Keeps my MFE stocked at 600k as well as pumping lava into 5 magmatic engines to keep my energy cell topped off. As far as both MJs and EUs are concerned, I'm doing just fine for now so long as I have netherack.
  9. The_Creamster

    The_Creamster Active Member

    There is a mod to convert EU to MJ & MJ to EU, its called Power Converters and is not going to be added as far as i've read.
  10. Magicferret

    Magicferret Member

    MJ to EU can be done sort of indirectly using bio generators rather than biogas engines, or as you said the magma crucible and/or other methods of lava collection using Buildcraft power. The other way around there's electrical engines from Forestry, which can be tweaked using circuit boards and electron tubes to use and generate different amounts of MJ and EU respectively.

    Somebody hasn't been using Thermal Expansion yet! Check out the redstone energy cells. You can put half a million MJ in each one, plonk them down next to your Buildcraft powered machines and watch the magic happen. There's an improved power routing system for MJ as well.
  11. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    That is MJ to MJ not MJ to EU
  12. potter

    potter Active Member

    Steam Turbine anyone?
  13. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    Is not really like "mfsu > electric engine > quarry", it uses 33 steel every time the turbine breaks.
  14. Meldiron

    Meldiron Active Member

    It uses 99 steel every time it breaks to be precise.
    It lasts 41 hours at full capasity (50eu/t), giving a total production during its lifespan just short of 150 million EU.
    That's about 1 500 000 EU for each steel ingot. In comparison, one coal give 4000 EU and one bucket of lava give 20 000 EU
    In other words, one single steel ingot used in a turbine is equal to 375 (almost six stacks!) coal or 75 buckets of lava.
    Sounds like more then a fair trade to me.
  15. potter

    potter Active Member

    I wrote that since you asked for different kinds of conversion, but yes, you can count on Covert to keep things properly balanced.
    So you want the 'cheapest' and less 'troublesome' conversion? ( i'm not passing judgement, just wanted to make your intentions with this thread a bit more clear )
  16. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    I don't mind it expensive, but yes something simple (nuclear reactor > HV cable > MFSU > electric engine > quarry is pretty easy)
  17. DrCeph

    DrCeph Member

    Also, I've made a petroleum generator mod that does the same thing as the BioGenerator, but for Oil and Fuel.
  18. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    Nice mod, now it just needs to get implemented...
  19. Jugg3rV

    Jugg3rV Active Member

    The IC² forums have an addon, not included into FTB. I think it's because they dont see it balanced.

    It is based on the energyvalue of coal
    "A steam engine produces 1600 MJ from one coal.
    A generator produces 4000 EU from one coal.
    Default conversion rate is based off this, so that's MJ : EU as 2 : 5, however you can edit that in the config."

    Transformers v1.6
  20. Vovk

    Vovk Active Member

    Right now I'm using a nice mid-game power generating configuration. Only issue is that it uses a lot of metal to get started:

    use rails to hook everything up onto a distribution network with railcraft loaders and unloaders.

    -First I have a solar powered steve's cart farming wheat for me (it makes seeds too that I plan to turn into biofuel, but that's for a later, more efficient setup)

    -I supply stone bricks, which I eventually just want to hook an extruder + factorization furnace heater + iron furnace + autocrafting table to in order to make infinite.

    -stone bricks + wheat go into 2 moisteners which make mulch and mossy stone as a by product.

    -mulch goes in carpenter with extruder+pulverizer to make sand. original dirt is supplied here

    -carpenter spits out bog earth which gets piped to 3 peat bogs powered by peat fired engines. these spit out peat and dirt. cycle dirt back into the carpenter for infinite dirt.

    -peat goes into a chest. when the chest is 100% full you have enough peat to cold start a 3x3 solid fueled boiler with 36 high pressure tanks. Cool the boiler with shit tons of accumulated water.

    -boiler now produces infinite 760 steam per tick. route some of that steam into hobbyist engines to supply power to the carpenter and to the pulverizer making sand. this should take 3 hobbyist engines drawing 30 steam. This also produces gravel which I run though a rock crusher to get gold and diamonds. extra sand is discarded since I already have so much, but could be used for other things.

    -now we have 730 steam. with tons of steel, I made 2 steam turbines. this draws 320 steam to generate a max of 100 eu per tick for 41 hours, requiring 198 steel to "recharge". At this point I have gotten my IC2 spec'd friend to build me a mining laser and an MFE in exchange for random stuff I found (forcicium, glowstone, constant peat, etc)

    -now with EU generation where it should be for now, and 410 steam left over, I power all my buildcraft and forestry (except the peat bogs) with steam pipes.

    I am now trying to set up an infinite rubber tree farm powered by excess dirt from the moistener/carpenter track and maybe a third moistener to keep the mulch coming. at the moment, mulch production is my bottleneck, though I do produce an excess of bog earth. Once the rubber tree farm is produced I plan to turn the extra saplings and extra wheat from the stevescarts farm into biofuel and run a second liquid boiler off that.

    Iron production is what fuels the EU and the MJ are free. Should eventually start working IC tech to advanced solar but right now my power generation is more than sufficient to charge my mining laser. As a bonus, when connected machines and storage units are full, steam turbines reduce their output down to 0 and don't damage turbines, so the 41 hours of generation from 198 iron is actually an elapsed time figure - you should really think of it as 1 500 000 per unit of iron, as posted above. Can increase iron generation by following the factorization tech tree, supplied by a network of rails.

    tl;dr eats through coal and iron like nobody's business to set up, but provides steam based MJ and EU as well as infinite peat, infinite cobble, infinite dirt, infinite sand, infinite gravel (through pulverization of cobble), a slow trickle of gold, a slower trickle of diamonds, and obviously infinite seeds and wheat.

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