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Open Server Continuum | FTB Unleashed 1.1.3 | mcMMO | Grief Prevention | Herochat

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Tencao, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Tencao

    Tencao New Member

    Server IP - continuumserver.com:25567​
    UpTime - 24/7​
    Website - continuumserver.com​

    This is a new server, so fresh world with all the ores still there​

    About us:
    We aim to provide a lag-free, stable, PvE server with minimal things banned and only banning what's needed. The server can support up to a max of 75 players, the server also has 4GB ram and is based in US. This server is new and we've done allot of testing before going live to make sure everything is working and stable before players start joining and building. If you're looking for a mature, friendly environment to play your favourite mod in, then you're welcome to join us!

    Server Rules:
    No PvP
    No Griefing
    No Hack/Exploits
    No Drop parties
    Speak only English in general chat
    No excessive swearing or caps
    Be polite, think smart.
    No Dark Rooms
    No quarries bigger than 40x40
    No more than 40 Geothermal, 40 generators, 40 windmills and 40 watermills per base.
    Banned Items: (If you have any suggestions regarding banned items to make them more controlled or disagree with an item ban, leave a post on our forums)

    Item Ban List:
    Arcane Bore + Base
    Tunnel Bores
    Chunk Loader + Spot Loader
    All mystcraft
    All ranks that have banned and restricted items are based on Trust, nothing else.

    Major plugins for users:
    Grief Prevention
    Population Density
  2. Tencao

    Tencao New Member

    We had some issues causing a server lockup which has now been resolved. It turns out transporter was causing it so until it's resolved, herochat and cross-server chat are down
  3. Sparklepire

    Sparklepire New Member

    What is a dark room???
  4. Tencao

    Tencao New Member

    Feeding bonemeal to dirt in a dark room to spam seeds and such, although Im not sure if it's still possible, I'm just putting the rule there just incase.
  5. Sparklepire

    Sparklepire New Member

  6. minecrafterseppe

    minecrafterseppe New Member

    what modpack lol ? ftb continuum has not been released right ?
  7. minecrafterseppe

    minecrafterseppe New Member

    nvm its a server on a rip off pack
  8. grandrolf

    grandrolf Global moderator Team Member Global Moderator Trusted User

    Also this is a very old thread that you woke up :)
    (4 plus years ago)
  9. minecrafterseppe

    minecrafterseppe New Member

    now we know where they got the name from xd

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