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Discussion in 'Web Feedback' started by Tva, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Tva

    Tva New Member

    I've recently created an account here to comment on and post some bugs a modpack or two but ran into problems that I couldnt post on my forum account because the confirmation email wasn't getting to my mail account.

    Switching to a Gmail account seemed to work but with the old one I checked the address sevral times and it was correct so not sure what was up, the old address was [email protected] so I dont know if the site has problems sending to hotmail or with things like " - "

    But yep thought it best to mention.
  2. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    Check in your junk mail.
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  3. Tva

    Tva New Member

    I checked the jumk mail and wether I misstypoed the address multipul times, I even waited sevral days each times to see if it was being slow and had it resend it each time. still nothing to that address.
  4. Marc~

    Marc~ New Member

    I was having the same problem. There is definitly a problem for recieving confirmation mail via Hotmail.

    ps: Thanks Tva for the fix (Gmail) :)
  5. Jinbobo

    Jinbobo New Member

    hotmail sucks because your mail gets so hot it catches fire and gets burned up
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  6. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

    microsoft owns hotmail there for problem..
    No one can sadly change this.
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  7. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    solution: don't use a crappy email host
  8. Jinbobo

    Jinbobo New Member

    I own a address instead of a address and that seems to fix the emails getting too hot problem.
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  9. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

    I got a @live account. I guess we win this round as well. :p
  10. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    I'm aware of the problem but I have no clue what I can do to fix it, we're sending the emails to you it's your email host not delivering them to you so you should take it up with them really

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