Open Server |-Community-Norway-| FTB Direwolf20 [1.0.2] [Anti-Grief] [Friendly Players And Admin's]

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Jul 29, 2019
Greetings! Community-Norway is a friendly community. We have alot of Moderators incase you will need one. We have alot of plugins. And we are looking for people to help us with the server. We currently are looking for some people with the sense of being a Moderator etc. The server is a 24/7 server and will never go down without a warning first. If the server ever go down/crashes there will be a reward for everyone that was on the server that time. We will also make sure the plugins are updated and add more. We would love if people came with suggestions.

Our Forum is:

No killing unless it's Self-Defence!
No advertising of any kind! You been warned!
Asking for OP will get you muted!
Do not spam the chat/trolling.
No racism!
Try to speak English in the chat please!
Do not lock other players things! Same with Claiming!

Server IP!:

We hope to see more players on to enjoy the game even more :)
Contact info: