Coke Oven > Iron Tank: Pipes

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Jul 29, 2019
Since yesterday I have been desperately trying to set up my old system of Coke Oven and Iron Tank for the Creosote Oil again.

I used *every* *single* pipe i could think of. Transport Pipes, Waterproof Pipes, Liquiducts - in their various variations from Wood to Diamonds. I've put them on the sides and on the bottom of the Oven, I've changed their flow directions with every wrench the game has to offer. I've combined pipes with other pipes like no sane person ever would.

I've watched about half a dozen tutorials and read at least three different wikis on the topic.

The result remains, however: The Creosote will not flow into the Tank.
I'm desperate. Please help me.

Which pipes do I connect where on the oven to make the %§$°ß creosote go into the iron tank?


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Mar 22, 2013
Did you provide a redstone signal to the liquiduct? That's what I used at least :)


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Jul 29, 2019
Just to clarify this, most machines and containers do not have any motive force themselves. Attaching a pipe will not work, because there needs to be some energy to drive the motion.

For BC pipes (wooden waterproof pipes), this needs to be in the form of BC power, usually either a redstone engine, or autarchic gate (higher power sources can be used, but are fairly pointless for liquid).

For liquiducts, the power is a two-step process, first the flow direction needs to be activated (hitting the pipe with a wrench, so that the connector goes from solid to arrow), then the redstone signal gives it the motive force.

For RP fluid pipes, there's a whole pressure system that's a little more complicated.