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Casual Server Co-op 2-4 players Agrarian Skies. No Hamachi

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by ColtenM, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. ColtenM

    ColtenM New Member

    Hey everybody, I love playing Agrarian skies, but it is no fun playing it alone. That's why I am going to host a server. Skype and a Mic is required! Message me with the following application if you want in (first come first serve basis.)

    Minecraft Username:
    IRL Name:
    Daily playtime:
    Why do you want to play on my server?

    Thanks for your time :)
  2. paxy97

    paxy97 New Member

    Pavle Portic
    5-6h (weekends and vacation up to 10)
    Got bored of SP and want some coop action, since none of my friends plays mc I'm asking here :D
  3. ColtenM

    ColtenM New Member

    It's a server hosted by CreeperHost. IDK what you mean by what it is.
  4. ClassyNukez

    ClassyNukez New Member

    Minecraft Username: Minerbuildboy900
    IRL Name: Tristan
    Daily Playtime: 1-3 hours, sometimes up to 4 or 5
    Same as most, got bored of Singleplayer, however I don't want the limits of multiplayer servers.
  5. f3ll3

    f3ll3 New Member

    Minecraft Username: f3ll3
    IRL Name: felix
    Age: 20
    Daily playtime: arround 5 hours
    Why do you want to play on my server? mainly because ive grown tired of playing agrarian skaies by myself. would be fun to have someone to play with :)
    if you decide to let me play on your server, my skype is felix.svensson2
  6. jarrad delaney

    jarrad delaney New Member

    Minecraft Username: shreder2134
    IRL Name: jarrad
    Daily playtime: 5:30 pm to 10 pm
    Why do you want to play on my server? its lonely playing alone and this would sound really fun
  7. nemba

    nemba New Member

    Minecraft Username:nemba333
    IRL Name:Ahnaf
    Age: 15
    Daily playtime:4:30-7:30
    Why do you want to play on my server?5 with so many things to do this modpack sort of frightens me and I'd need a couple people with me to enjoy it properly
  8. Nanonjb

    Nanonjb New Member

    Minecraft Username: nanonjb
    IRL Name: Rhiannon
    Age: 14
    Daily playtime: 3-4 hours
    Why do you want to play on my server? I really like the modpack but I cant really with no one or to many people so I would like to join into the grup and have some fun.
  9. Zmack98

    Zmack98 New Member

    Minecraft Username: zmack98
    IRL Name:Zach
    Daily playtime:3-10, weekends all week
    Why do you want to play on my server? Just want to play with someonelse.
  10. Chris4791

    Chris4791 New Member

    Minecraft Username: Chris4791
    IRL Name: Christopher - Pref Chris
    Age: 23
    Daily playtime: anytime im up
    Why do you want to play on my server? Tired of Solo AgSky, Felt like a team would advance alot faster and be more fun

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