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Open Server CloudCrux Network 〉 Horizons 1.0.10 〉 Grief Prevention 〉 mcMMO 〉 Random Spawn

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by Gargant, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    Website: CloudCrux Network Teamspeak IP: ts3.CloudCrux.net Server IP: horizons.cloudcrux.net

    CloudCrux Network is a bright and new ever-expanding community which recently released the Modpack, Feed The Beast: Horizons, to the public. We are looking for any fellow players who are willing to play this modpack on our server. We are also looking for staff for the server as well and it'd be great to have some players come by and enjoy the experience of playing Horizons under the CloudCrux Network.

    Be aware that this Modpack is fairly new and all plugins and maps alike are prone to reset if any big changes occur, but for now it seems the map will remain. Upon joining, you'll receive a hefty yet simple starter kit, which includes Damascus Steel Armor, Bronze tools, Golden Shovel, a Big Backpack, 10 Bacon Cheeseburgers, a Voodoo Protection Puppet, and a Materials For You book.

    Random Spawn
    These are subject to change frequently, these are the main plugins at the moment.

    • Don't spam nor use excessive caps and/or foul language.
    • Don't beg for any items, or for anything in general.
    • Don't grief others, this is a non-grief server.
    • Don't build near spawn, world border's 15,000 in radius.
    • Don't cheat/exploit under any circumstances
    • Don't leave your common sense behind.
    • Do have fun.

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  2. purple panda

    purple panda New Member

    Out of all the servers I have ever played on I haven't played such a well managed server. The staff is amazing very active the server runs great. The rules are easy to follow and the donations you can buy are great. The player status at the moment is expanding, and if you are looking for a great active community, with great owners here to meet your needs then I recommend to join this server now. I personally think this is the best server I have ever played on, and they even have other modpacks to pick from. Keep up the good work gargant the server is outstanding and your staff is great.
    P.S. I recommend this server to anyone that wants a great community to be apart of!
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  3. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    Thank you Panda! :D
  4. Sir_Face

    Sir_Face New Member

    Hey there!
    Name's Sir_Face, and I have tried to add your server to my client so I can join.
    However, it's telling me "Can't reach server"
    Is there something I am doing wrong?
    I entered "horizons.cloudcrux.net" as the server address. Is there like a few numbers after the address that I should know about?
  5. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    You are not, we faced a Hard Drive issue where an error log accumulated the entire hard drive space, out of the few servers we had, Horizon's Map was corrupted, so it's been cut short for now. I'll give an update on the status of Horizons later on, and it's frustrating that this had to happen as there were some people already playing on the server when this had occurred, sorry for the inconvenience to you and any players that were already playing on the server at the time.
  6. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    UPDATE: The issues were fixed! Just had to re-implement most of the configurations. Server's ONLINE !
  7. Alex Beas

    Alex Beas New Member

    Great server, I've been in this community for quite some time so I know what this server has to offer. Staff is great help, even if it's just a few moderators, especially because they actually know how to work the mods and can easily help you and guide you step by step on some starter tips or even give some advanced techniques to become a more efficient mod user. Overall the best modded Minecraft community I've ever joined. Guaranteed. :) Join us and have a blast getting to know all the people on the server, they're super fun to play on the server with. If you join look for me! My ign is _Alex3000_ I'd love to get to know you and be friends! :D See you on the server should you choose to join. :)
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  8. XxDragonDemonxX

    XxDragonDemonxX New Member

    I've been playing Minecraft since alpha, and I've played on MANY servers, and have been part of many different communities. Cloudcrux definitely has the most interesting and friendly community out of any I've played on. The staff is great, always willing to help. The admins know a lot about the mods that Horizons has to offer, and are always doing their best to ensure that the server is fun to play on. Definitely 10/10.
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  9. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    UPDATE: The Server is now running on 1.0.9! Enjoy!
  10. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    UPDATE: MobArena's now implemented, unconfigured though. There's more to come! Try out the default arena by doing /ma join default .
  11. Deskonhecido

    Deskonhecido New Member

    This server is awesome.
    I was sad to discovered not so long ago my laptop couldn't run the Direwolf20 modpack and that saddened me, because I liked and knew how to handle 90% of the mods that were in it. I was advised to try Horizons, yes it doesn't have that many tech mods like buildcraft, industrial craft, factorization, it doesn't even have morph, the portal gun or even the gravity gun, not to mention the fancy hats ;_;
    But for a long time I have a chance to go back to doing what I loved doing in minecraft, which is farming. I first started looking for a server and found 2 servers that had plugins I liked, but I'm happy I chose this one over the other one because this server has, from what I noticed, an experienced owner and a very friendly community.
    Although I joined the server the day it was going reset I chose to stay and see how the server handled, how friendl they where. And now after finishing up my lessons and projects everyday I just can't wait to jump on in the server and join the community :D
  12. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    UPDATE: All Tools are now compatible with mcMMO! Tinker's Construct is being worked on as well.
  13. Gargant

    Gargant New Member

    UPDATE: Server is now updated to 1.0.10 !
  14. Ailish

    Ailish New Member

    I was going to check out your server for the first time, but it didn't work. Is it down at the moment?
  15. Sparklepire

    Sparklepire New Member

    I just tried to join the server but it is not connecting. Is the server down?

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