Chicken_Bones has been busy, introducing Forge MultiPart!

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by DZCreeper, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper Popular Member

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  2. Pandemoneus

    Pandemoneus Well-Known Member

    That looks like pure awesomeness. I wonder to what extend you can configure everything.
  3. InfamousAsHell

    InfamousAsHell Active Member

    Cool, microblocks that you have in the same block as different microblocks.... Anyone else getting a headache from looking at the three torches in one block?
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  4. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Thats CB if he is gonna do something he over does it, just when does he sleep is my question.
  5. lolpierandom

    lolpierandom Active Member

    This... will change everything!
  6. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    I wonder, based on those oak/diamond MicroBlocks in the same block, whether he's adding his own MicroBlocks, or just ways that they can be used to interact with various other things.
    Or maybe they're the work of the amazing Immibis, and it is naturally compatible.

    This will most likely never apply to say redstone torches though, due to the changes that would entail.
  7. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 Popular Member

    This is wonderful, one step farther away from our redpower dependancy.
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  8. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    I do wonder how it will respond to Vanilla redstone though...
    And RS Torches.
  9. immibis

    immibis Forum Addict Mod Developer

    He is.

    I have nothing to do with this.

    It already does apply to redstone torches.
  10. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    CBs tryin' to replace ya' Alex "immibis" Cambell.
    Perhaps did Greg makes bronze and buckets configurable everything will be alright.

    And it does apply to RS torches?
    How do they handle it, in regards to the actual redstone signals emmitted?
    Is regular vanilla redstone dust covered by this? That's cause some oddities, again following the derpy mechanics of Redstone.
  11. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Wait, I can have two torches in the SAME BLOCK?! Finally something that actually does this.
  12. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming that this is a core mod?
    It seems all MicroBlocks are core mods, even though some core mods aren't core mods.
  13. Made_You_Look

    Made_You_Look Member

    Haha, I just made a thread vaguely about RP2 Microblocks being inflexible buttholes, I guess that I don't have to worry about that anymore.
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  14. FtbBossWhoIsAw3s0m3

    FtbBossWhoIsAw3s0m3 Active Member

  15. immibis

    immibis Forum Addict Mod Developer

    Not sure.
    The only reason my microblocks mod is a coremod is so it can make microblocks work on other mods' things.
    RP2 is not a coremod.
  16. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity Popular Member

    It's like a whole new game!
  17. FtbBossWhoIsAw3s0m3

    FtbBossWhoIsAw3s0m3 Active Member

    sorry immibis,but chickenbones lets me put 3 torches in one block.
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  18. Omicron

    Omicron Over-Achiever Trusted User

    This is looking almost too good to be true... Chickenbones is a freaking wizard.

    What makes me wonder most though, is the name. "Forge MultiPart". Does that imply that it won't be just a mod, but something that's intended to be migrated into Forge itself? Similar to things like the liquid registry that were lifted out of their original mods to become part of the core Forge features? That would be even more awesome IMHO.
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  19. tobi1449

    tobi1449 Active Member

    "ForgeMultiPart" seems to be the API he made (it more or less let's you register blocks so "parts" of them can be used with other blocks' parts within one block)
    and Microblocks is just an example implementation.
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  20. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Thats even better then.
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