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    I know these are not going to be the prettiest changelogs ever and I will try and get more detailed ones. However the mods that were updated last night as we moved from x.x.1 versions to x.x.2 versions was.

    ChickenChunks upgraded to
    Extra Bees upgraded to
    ExtraBiomesXL upgraded to 3.11.0
    Immibis Core upgraded to 52.4.6
    Misc Peripherals upgraded to 3.1c

    So why the lack of changelogs and what actually went wrong here. Honestly lots of things and I am going to sit here giving out lots of excuses as to why things went wrong. What I can say is there are at least 3 major areas we need to improve on. The first being redundancy, when something went wrong it was difficult to pick up the pieces. The second was bug tracking was a little off. and the third was changelogs.

    So these are now the priorities we need to look at moving forwards. I will try to sort out changelogs for the four 1.4.7 packs that took them to recommended last night. However I think most of the changes are found in the 1.1.1 ultimate thread thats in the same section of the forums as this thread. This may take a day or so to sort out though so please bare with us.
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