Changelog for FTB Unleashed modpack


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Jul 29, 2019
Updated Mods:

Biomes o' Plenty by TDWP_FTW: 0.5.7 -
  • Added the Chromaflora, a new flower that only appears in the Promised Land
  • Added Long Grass
  • Added config option for disabling oceans
  • Added wild carrots
  • Added salads
  • Added beach variation config options
  • Added Russian translations (courtesy of Sodiet)
  • Changed willow trees in the Promised Land to swampy ivy trees
  • Re-added clouds to the Promised Land
  • Tweaked fir log/plank textures
  • Tweaked some flower textures, changed some achievement icons
  • Updated the better leaf textures
  • Tweaked the Garden biome
  • Tweaked the Shield biome
  • Removed the Amethyst Tinkers Construct tools
  • Redid the grave
  • Berries now have a new texture
  • Changed localized name of Berries to Berry
  • Adjusted how common Scythes are damaged
  • Changed the texture for fast willow leaves
  • Tweaked the Garden biome
  • Tweaked the creative tab icon
  • Puddles now dry up faster
  • Added support for full 256 terrain generation
  • Tweaked sub-biomes
  • Improved some sapling textures
  • Tweaked the Alps sub biome
  • Tweaked some biomes to allow them to generate above 128
  • Fixed the eating bug in multiplayer.
  • Russian translation tweaks
  • Updated Forestry Integration and API
  • Corrected loftwood recipes
  • Updated ore dictionary registration for logs
  • Fixed eating food
  • Fixed some biome heights, decreased the amount of trees in the Snowy Confierous Forest
  • Fixed height for mangroves
  • Added support for falling leaves from Better Grass & Leaves
  • Fixed a crash bug with non-living entities entering poison ivy
  • Fixed a crash with saplings
  • Fixed an issue with the shroom powder texture
  • Fixed the sky colours config option
  • Plants no longer generate in invalid positions (causing them to them pop off)
  • Reeds are now cut down properly
  • Fixed poison dart particles
  • Fixed the mod logo
  • Fixed fluid localizations
  • Fixed bucket container items
  • Poison ivy no longer poisons players wearing leather pants and boots
Enchanting Plus by mssodin28: 1.15.4 - 1.15.5
  • Item now added to inventory on close instead of being dropped
  • Enchantment tooltips now configurable
  • German localization
  • Unechantable items now truly unechantable
  • Bow repair now a lot cheaper
  • Added textures provided by ShadowClaimer
  • Tab for equipped armour.
  • Made not being able to disenchant unowned enchantment levels configurable.
  • Changed from directly overriding vanilla table to an Upgrade system.
  • fixed darkning gui
  • fixed vanilla gui now appearing.
Extra Utilites by RWTema: 0.2.4c - 0.2.4f
  • Fixed crash when placing items into chests with solid blocks above them
  • Removed some debug text that was spamming console
  • Golden bag of holding now compatible with Inventory tweaks
  • Fixed crash when using non-item transfer nodes
  • Fixed a duplication bug
  • Fixed Magnum torches not calculating directions correctly
Magic Bees by MysteriousAges: 2.0.2 - 2.1.1
  • Tinker's Construct compatability debut! Look for Aluminum, Ardite, Cobalt and Manuyllyn bees!
  • Added new permanent methods for crafting all frames. These will be available even when Thaumcraft is installed.
  • Some Localization changes to enable better translation of capsule names & types.
  • Removed temporary frame recipes which used to be available when Thaumcraft was not installed.
  • Lowered the cost of creating several frames through Thaumcraft. These should still be a viable option with the new recipes.
  • Adjusting Thaumcraft research notes to reflect recent (Hah!) changes.
  • Fixed issue with foundation-requiring mutations in Forestry Alvearies. (Will likely not work with Extra Bees Alveary blocks)
  • Fixed hard-coded value in a subroutine that should not have been hard-coded.
  • Fixed backwards mutation logic.
Natura by mDiyo: 2.1.3 - 2.1.4
  • Added Plank Slabs
Thaumic Tinkerer by Vazkii: 1.0.7 - 1.0.8
  • Added 3 new pieces of reseach candy
  • Fixed Hyperenergetic Nitor not shining in areas covered by tall grass or snow. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Fixed the Tool Dymamism Tablet not syncing properly
  • Fixed Weather Crystals not stacking properly
Tinkers Construct by mDiyo: - 1.4.2
  • Added connected textures for clear glass and clear stained glass (by fuj1n)
  • Added experimental Thermal Expansion support
  • Added a bunch of config settings to disable tools
  • Added Jadedcat hates Mattocks config
  • Added more leaves to the leaf fletching list
  • Added more config settings for disabling tools
  • Added a config option to keep modifiers from increasing mining level
  • Changed the battleaxes so it only harvests connected wood blocks
  • Ingot casts are made by casting aluminum brass/gold around ingots or bricks
  • Disabled drying rack recipe
  • Fixed a bug where wooden planks from other mods couldn't make tool parts
  • Fixed a bug where bows couldn't be made from sticks
  • Fixed a bug where tools would destroy blocks without dropping anything (ice)
  • May also have fixed various bugs with block harvest from other mods (coke ovens)
  • Fixed an inconsistency with hammers on silverfish blocks
  • Fixed an inconsistency with lumber axes not working on planks

New Mods:

Forge Multipart by ChickenBones:
Den Pipes - Emerald by DenoflionsX: 1.0.2
Den Pipes - Forestry by DenoflionsX: 1.0.4
Hats Mod by iChun: 1.3.3 (Disabled by Default) Information
HatStand by iChun: 1.2.1 (Disabled by Default) Information
Logistics Pipes by thezorro: Information
MFFS by Calclavia: Information
OpenPeripheral by Mikeemoo: 0.1.9 Information
Power Converters by powercrystals: 2.3.1-58 (Disabled by Default) Information
Wireless Redstone by ChickenBones: 1.4 Information

Removed Mods:

OpenCCSensors by Mikeemoo

Config Changes:

  • Tinkers Construct, Enable Auto-Smelt and Fortune interaction turned on.
  • CoFHCore, FlatBedrock turned on.
  • Calcalavia MFFS, IDs shifted.
  • Biomes of Plenty, Vanilla overrides turned off, puddles turned off.
  • MFR, Rubber tree generation turned on.
  • Ender Storage, Vanilla ender chests turned on to allow MFFS items that require it to be crafted.

Changelogs by Vikestep


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Jul 29, 2019

Updated Mods

Applied Energistics by AlgorythmX2: rv11e - rv12a
Added Ender Pearl Dust ( OreDictionary compatible dustEnderPearl )
Ender Pearl Dust can be made in Crusher / Pulveriser / Macerator / and Grindstone.
Added Quantum Entangled Singularities (QE-Singularities)
Added Quantum Link Chamber
Added Quantum Field Ring
Can now create QE-Singularities by exploding Singularities with Ender Pearl Dust
Fix issue with some items not being removed from ME Terminal.
Fixed Quartz / Dust that spawns in minecraft chests.
TPlane's now save their buffer in NBT Data
TPlane now white lists, spawners, silver fish, ice, leafs, and tall grass by default.
Added Quantum Network Bridge Multiblock Placing QE Entangled Singularities in two bridges will result in a network connection as long as both sides remain powered and active.
Fixed a rendering glitch in some GUIs with certain mod items.
Added Quartz Glass
Added Config option enableTPlane
Added Config option enableMAC
Added Config option enableQNB
Added Config option enableImportBus
Added Config option enableExportBus
Added Config option enableStorageBus
Added Config option enableCrafting
Added Config option enableWirelessAccess
Added Config option enableLevelEmitter
Added Config option enableStorageMonitor
Added Config option enableCraftingTerm
Added IMC add-grindable ( for modders )
Added IMC blacklist-cell ( for modders )
Added IMC blacklist-transitionplane ( for modders )
Added IMC whitelist-transitionplane ( for modders )
Added Logging option to help find the cause of Concurrent Modification Exceptions.
Fixed Crash with breaking a block as its GUI is opening.
Fixed bug with Storage Buses Filters and Intefaces
Fixed some obscure/obtuse MAC formation bugs.
Storage buses can now be configured to be Read/Write/Read and Write
Fixed a few bugs involving storage buses and their settings.
Added Tiny TNT ( can disable block damage in the config, can also disable block by setting blockid to -1 )
Added Config enableTinyTNTBlockDamage
Fixed issue with localization of "Linked" and "Unlinked"
Fixed Crash caused by Items in ME Chests not being Storage Cells.
Quantum Network Bridges are inventories, and can be automated.
Fixed a bug that would allow network access after a block loses connection.
Tiny TNT now is 'extinguished' by water.
Added Vibrant Quartz Glass.
Fixed bug with Bees and import buses
Fuzzy Buses now ignore special handlers ( Bees Comparisons ) when set to "Ignore Damage" mode
Tweaked display on Crafting Monitors to hopefully improve displayed results
Fixed an issue with condenser not condensing when items are extracted.
Fixed an issue with power usage from armor when power is disabled.
Fixed a bug that would cause extra materials to be crafted during a complex crafting job.
Fixed issue with AE items draining power with power disabled.
Fixed some text issues.
Network and performance optimizations related to large networks and network resets.
Storage Monitors now correctly switch to Billion Display when a billion is surpassed.
Added protection against rare crashes in other mods.
Interfaces now check if an item can be crafted before requesting it to be crafted.
1.6.2 Only - Reenabled UE support
1.6.2 Only - Updated Buildcraft API ( fixes crash in rv11.e )
1.6.2 Only - Export Buses / Storage Buses no longer work with BC Pipes. ( hopefully temporary. )

Biomes O'Plenty by TDWP_FTW, ted80, Amnet and Adubbz: 0.5.7 -
Fix to localisation code
Fix for couple of MFR issues.

Forgemultipart by Chickenbones: -
Various crash fixes

Logistics Pipes by Thezorro: - 0.7.3.ftb.631
Update to correct fixes from previous versions

Misc Peripherals by RichardG 3.3f -3.3e
rollback for stability issues
Tinkers Construct by MDiyo 1.4.2 -
- Added a Crafting Station (No modules yet)
- Increased Lumber Axe range to 50 blocks
- Fixed a bug where logs crafted into sticks
- Added a punji trap
- Added a barricade
- Updated descriptive books (Brown and Black)
- Added a config option for necrotic healing
- Fixed a bug with broad tools and invalid data
- Fixed a bug where Natura crafting tables made Part Builders instead of Tool Stations
- Fixed a bug where trying to make fletching from slime crystals crashed the game


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Jul 29, 2019
Master Config Changes

Applied Energistics-
Boosted Quartz Gen by one per cluster
Turned on BC Chip recipe

BiblioCraft -
Added Serum from Extra Bees to the potion shelf

Biomes of Plenty -

Updated to Fixed version of
Turned off Rain Puddles
Turned off Vanilla replacment biomes (regular vanilla biomes will generate)

MineFactory Reloaded -
Turned on Rubber Trees

Tinker's Construct --
Turned on Fortune/Auto Smelt interaction

CoFH Core
Boosted Diamonds by 1 ore per cluster
Boosted Tin Ore to match Copper

Ender Storage
Turned on the crafting recipe for vanilla End Chest to provide compatibility with MFFS Calclavia

Forge MultiPart - Fixed Version

Den Pipes
Added Emerald and Apiarist pipe plugins

Direwolf 20 Pack specific issues
Ender Chest ID had to be changed. Remove all items from Ender Chests before updating.


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Jul 29, 2019
FTB Unleashed 1.1.4 changelog

Mod Added


Updated Mods


Applied Energistics RV12.a - rv13.rc6
Fixed a bug with IC2 Painter integration
Fixed issue with Tiny TNT not disabling.
Crafting monitor should now properly report missing materials again.
Removed Logging from villagers.
Fixed a bug with IMCs.
Fixed bug with Matter cannon knock back.
BinniesMods 1.7.0b - 1.7.3b
Fixed Liquid DNA Texture in Tanks
BiomesOPlenty -
Puddles dry up faster.
Fixed hardness of a few blocks.
Fixed Spring Water Regeneration Effect.
Fixed the Nether not being overridden if the Add to Default is not set to true.
Fixed MFR integration.
Fixed a crash involving saplings.
Added different localizations.
Added config option to disable Netherwart in the Undergarden biome.
Added option to disable Spring Water Regeneration Effect.
Moved the Ocean config option to the Vanilla biomes section.
Chargepads updated to
Dartcraft 0.1.18 - 0.1.20
Beta 0.1.20
- Emergency Patch: Bonemeal can no longer be used on Force Saplings from a vanilla dispenser. Ars Magica's growth spell will also no longer destroy the tome when used on Force Saplings and instead do nothing.
Beta 0.1.19
Emergency Patch: Fixed an oversight that allowed a simple Ore Dictionary recipe for logs to completely break DartCraft into little overpowered chunks. Force Sticks are now craftable out of Force Planks and this overwrites the Ore Dictionary recipe for vanilla sticks. Force Sticks are now also on the OreDictionary as "stickWood". The Force Bow recipe was also moved to earlier in the recipe list as to keep it craftable with these changes.
Various bugfixes already present in the FTB version also come with this update.
Fixed a possible NullPointerException in TileBox's item renderer.
DenLib updated to 3.0.14_quickfix
fixes os related crashing
DenPipes Emerald updated to 1.0.2
Extra Utilities 0.2.4f - 0.2.4g
Changed: Ender-thermic pump will now replace any non-source lava blocks with stone, although you will only get lava from proper source blocks.
Fixed: Empty item filters in filter pipes crashing the game
Forge Multipart - 1.0.0149
bug fixes
Forge updated to .738
compatibility update
IC2 Nuclear Control updated to 1.5.1e
bug fixes
IndustrialCraft 1.116.364-lf - 1.117.385-lf
CONFIG CHANGE turned IC2 sounds off by default.
add delegate support to the energy net
determine cable connectivity server-side
fix explosives
bump version to 1.117
fix hardening foamed cables dropping the energy net registration
fix neighbor update npe when removing a te from the enet (for #462)
fix lighting issues better
fix overlay brightness issues
avoid further energy log spam, improve energy distribution efficiency
prevent energynet emitEnergyFrom log spam
Work around addons using the energy net api improperly, add more warnings for those cases
Add proper damagesourcing to explosives, while fixing other damagesources
fix cables not updating their connectivity rendering properly after coloring
add it_IT and zh_CN translations
more robust energynet neighbor notifications
fix trade-o-mat npe
fix TileEntityTradeOMat client-dep
fix classcast exception
fix cable connectivity updating
render the connection to tiles which aren't added to the energy net yet as well
fix connectivity rendering for switch cables
fix rounding issue while rendering
reduce the amount of world renderer updates
Ironchest updaed to .447
Modular Power Suits updated to -569
Modular Power Suits Addons updated to -176
Natura 2.1.4 - 2.1.5
Added buttons, stairs, pressure plates, fence gates, and trapdoors for all the wood planks
Fixed a bug where slabs broke instantly
NEI Addons Updated to 1.8.2.r31
Open Peripherals updated to 0.1.11
removes integration with Modular Power Suits to fix a bug
Tinkers Construct - 1.4.3.d4
Various Bug Fixes
Translocators updated
WRCBE 1.4 -
Bug Fixes


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Jul 29, 2019
Changelog 1.1.6

qCraft updated to 1.01

dupe bug fixed
Added config option to turn off world gen
Added config option for crafting recipe for q dust


none corrupt version added

Industrial Craft 2 rollback to 374 for bugfix

Modular PowerSuits updated to 575 for bugfix


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Jul 29, 2019
Changelog 1.1.7

Downgraded IC2 to Version : 1.116.364
Upgraded Applied Energistics to Version : rv13-c

  1. Added option to disable villager trading.
  2. Fixed particle rendering glitch with TPlanes and Quantum network bridges.
  3. Performance improvements in creative cell.
  4. Fixed bug with storage bus and "Configure by contents"
  5. Creative Cell now "stores" the items it is partitioned too as well.
  6. Fixed an issue with storage buses reporting possible destinations when formated.
  7. Moved a method to subclasses to fix a re-obfuscation bug ( Fix for MyTown compat )
  8. 1.6.2 Only - AE now registers its full cubes as sealed in Galacticraft.
  9. Transition Planes can no longer break air blocks.
  10. Added a Transition Plane blacklist to the config.
  11. New API IOrientableTile
  12. Better Storage Proxy now looks for lowercase modid instead of with capitals.
  13. Added a new ITileCable to lt other mods create cables that blend with with AE's internal cables.
  14. 1.6.2 Only - Fixed issue with IC2 LF machines.
Magic bees config change

Disabled update notification - all updates are 1.6.x