CarbonBasedGhost's Total Rewrite Pack (Questions)

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Is this a good idea

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Jul 29, 2019
Hello I am @CarbonBasedGhost a regular (Popular Member) on these forums,

The reason I am here is to ask an opinion about an new pack I would like to make.
The Main/Unique Feature of this pack will be that I take you through a completely unique path of tech progression that has been thought up by me. Basically what this means is I will have you got through (Example) Proffesor Flaxbeards Wondrous Steam Mod to get the required materials to do IC2 which you need to do to get the required materials to do TE4. This pack will have a logical path and include magic and tech mods and perhaps some mob mods (If I am able to get a mod like ZZZZ Configs for 1.7.10.)

This modpack is highly in progress and has minimal progress and I would not like to make a modpack people do not like.