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Open Server [Carbonated Gaming]| FTB INFINITY 1.0.1 | 24/7 | LOW BANNED ITEMS | RANKING SYSTEM | TEAMSPEAK

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by ParasiticSoul, Feb 13, 2015.

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    FTB Infinity is a Modpack by the Feed The Beast Team, It includes a lot of Magic, Tech and Machinery Mods which also add new mobs, armour and weapons.

    We were one of the first FTB Infinity Servers. Join us today!

    The server IP: infinity.carbonatedgaming.com




    If You Want Come Check Out Our Website!


    We are running FTB Infinity one of the newest (and most fun) FTB modpacks to ever come out!

    The Rules Of Carbonated Gaming

    Do Not Argue With Staff

    Find A Glitch Tell An Admin

    You May Only Raid Unprotected Land!


    No Bypassing Anti-PVP

    No Making Swastikas, Burning Crosses Or Certain Parts Of The Male Anatomy:
    Anything Of That Sort Falls Under World-Grief

    Keep Swearing Low You Can Swear But I Don't Want To See It Constantly

    Rank Restricted Items Are Not Used Before Unlocking Their Respective Rank

    Quarries Must Have A System That Will Be Able To Handle Their Output

    At Carbonated Gaming we know what we are doing, as we are hosted on a dedicated 24/7 high quality server. We managed to get the server running within a short time to allow you to enjoy FTB Infinity in multiplayer.

    We can support up to 100 players and have a unique ranking system plus we also HAVE LOW BANNED ITEMS!!!!

    Hope to see you there:

    - ParasiticSoul Owner Of Carbonated Gaming​
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