Can I disable mods in a modpack?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by nuke21, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. nuke21

    nuke21 New Member

    I am running direworf server and pack and there are so many mods with it I am not interested in. I only really have FTB for Industrial Craft and Build Craft, that is it. Is it possible to disable all these other mods I do not use and the server still function? I ask because when I disable mods client side it gives me errors when I start Minecraft so I have to have them all enabled.

    I googled and searched on here and everyone was talking about open the config file and edit stuff there and I tried that but all the config files I looked at has nothing that made sense in it.
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  2. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    Its really easy to do, just remove all the mods you don't want to use from your server mods directory, and do the same in your FTB client mod directory, make sure to keep, Thermal Expansion in the pack if you use Direwolf20 pack since all the ore generation in the world is based upon Thermal Expansion (there's no copper, tin or lead from IC2 in the world by default), you can activate the oregen of IC2 in the IC2.cfg file, but you will have to remove Thermal Expansion, I think it would cause a conflict otherwise or you would have double ores all around)...

    The key is to make sure to keep the same mods in both the server and the client, if you edit only the client, you won't be able to connect since you need all the mods the server has running to run the game, if its the opposite, its not really important but it can help you out to have more FPS...
  3. TheAwesomater

    TheAwesomater New Member

    Yes, to disable mods all you need to do is click edit modpack, choose the mod you want to get rid of and click disable. This adds an extension to the mod's file so it is not recognised by the launcher
  4. SandGrainOne

    SandGrainOne New Member

    If you are going to use only 2 mods it might be easier to create a pack manually in the normal minecraft launcher.
  5. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Easiest way? Do it via the Minecraft launcher if all you are going to use is Buildcraft and Industrial craft. There are a ton of tutorials on how to install forge 1.6.4 onto a server and client.
  6. DeathGoth

    DeathGoth New Member

    ^^ He knows whats up..

    Ya best thing to do if you are only going to use a couple mods is just to install forge and the mods.. You dont need FTB really unless you plan on playing with a billion mods..
  7. nuke21

    nuke21 New Member

    Everytime I move mods to the disable list, it doesn't start up the game. The minecraft window will start to load and it will hang on the Mojang logo then just close itself. I have to enable all the mods again in order for it to start. Why is this?
  8. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    It may be that you forgot a mod wich need another mod. Example forestry needs buildcraft to function otherwise you will crash. Can you paste the log to pastebin and give us the link than we can help looking for the problem.
  9. nuke21

    nuke21 New Member

    I am using Diarwolf20's pack and I am trying to disable
    Steves carts
  10. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    I believe there is a mod wich need bibliocarft. If I recal corectly its name is bibliowoods.
  11. Mevansuto

    Mevansuto New Member

    And don't forget Hats Stand
  12. nuke21

    nuke21 New Member

    Oh okay. So when I delete a mod I have to delete all the mods that use it as well then it will run. Thank you so much!

    On a side note. Any idea what "compactsolars-universal" mod does? I know Industrial craft 2 has solar panels but I have never seen anything called compact solar.
    And does anyone know what mods are along with computercraft? I don't care to do any computercraft stuff but when I delete it, I get an error, so I am obviously need to delete another mod that uses it before I can delete computercraft.
  13. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    Do you need a tutorial on how to run an installer?
    Compact solars is basically a mod that makes large solar arrays into a single block. It prevents the lag the plagued early IC days when people would make solar flowers that killed servers faster than Jack the Ripper.
    For DW20, you're going to want to remove OpenPeripherals as well.
  14. Mevansuto

    Mevansuto New Member

    I was under the impression Jack's killings were long, drawn out and painful, much like the solar lag, rather than slower than.
  15. nuke21

    nuke21 New Member

    Okay, OpenPeripherals did it. And I was going to start out a clean start with forge 1.6.4 but I realized I like more mods in the Direwolf20 modpack than I dislike. So I think it is easier for me to just remove the ones I don't use vs starting from nothing and adding the ones I like. I really appreciate all of your guyses help!
  16. nuke21

    nuke21 New Member

    Does anyone know what these are and what they do?:

  17. Mevansuto

    Mevansuto New Member

    Evoc optimises vanilla furnaces and other blocks making them less laggy.
    Den Pipes adds more Buildcraft pipes.

    IMO Both are worth keeping.

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