Problem Buildcraft, Railcraft, Extrabiomes and Ticking Screen of Death!


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I've been working on this problem longer than I can recall. I've worked with lots of people and some just can not get into server they get ticking screen. I've even tried uploading MY WHOLE Ultimate installation and letting them to download. Today I've removed all of the mods and added them one by one after 5 hours of restarting server; we came across three horsemen of ticking screen of doom!

Buildcraft, Railcraft and Extrabiomes; I managed to work around buildcraft by downgrading it to 3.2.0 yet no luck for railcraft and did not try extrabiomes.

Problem is when these three people hosts and I try to get into their server I get ticking screen of doom as well but when they remove said mods ticking screen disappears. Tried copying config files, whole installation and even burning a voodoo doll named ticking screenASY! No luck, no luck at all!

Please take note that I can join my own server, server on CreeperHost but they can't and 5 other people can join too. We have EXACTLY SAME JAVA AND CONFIG!

I'll be adding crash logs and doom prophecies of me and my friend after our five hour long torture today.