Open Server Brierie Servers Takes On Resurrection! [Version 1.0.2][Open][24/7][Minimal Lag]

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Jul 29, 2019

Server URL :
Server Version : 1.0.2

Welcome to our Resurrection server, we have been running servers for the past 3 years which has given us plenty of experience into giving you the best possible experience! We have a good and large community with 14 MindCraft servers as well as a PE Server and Starmade server along with a lively website where all our players and insane admins hang out :)
Along with that we have a team of experienced Plugin/Mod Developers creating better,faster plugins for our servers which allow us to improve performance and server experience, Finally a RandomTP plugin that doesn't put you into solid rock or lava! Along with other plugins which reduce the risk of you being griefed.

Brierie Servers General Rules

  • Don't be rude or insult people in chat.
  • No Spamming.
  • No Swearing/Racism/Homophobia or any other generally offensive language.
  • Don't advertise other servers.
  • Don't over-use capslock.
  • No griefing inside towny protected areas even if the permissions are not set up properly.
  • No cheating or using modified clients to defeat the spirit of the game.
  • No scamming in any way.
  • No spawn camping.
  • No AFK Machines (buy VIP if you want to AFK)
Our Website
Banned Item List
  • Chunkloaders - Available only through store throug h the fact these can cause imense strain on servers with a pack such as Resurrection.
  • Alchemical Bags - Duping bug, Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  • ITNT (Placing) - Griefing
  • Nukes - Quite an Obvious Reason
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