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Open Server Brierie FTB Ultimate [Sponsored by Creeperhost] [Towny] [Essentials] [Player Shops]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by AlistairCheek, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. AlistairCheek

    AlistairCheek New Member

    IP: ftb.brierie.co​
    Our server is a dedicated server which is up 99% of the time!​
    So what are you waiting for! Get on now and let your Adventures begin!​
  2. Maxiride

    Maxiride New Member

    This is not an Open Server.. I tryed connecting with a non premium client and the connection has been refused. Why did you posted it here then? :\
  3. wolfenstein19

    wolfenstein19 New Member

    @ Maxride Open Server means that its open for everyone with a Premium Account to join, not for everyone.

    Also @ Server : No banned items mean like 12 dupe bugs, 8 server crashing bugs and 3 chunk corrupting bugs ready to exploit for everyone whos willing bad to the server.
  4. AlistairCheek

    AlistairCheek New Member

    Yea i need to update it now but its 10th on the ftbserver.com server so its a popular server :)
  5. AlistairCheek

    AlistairCheek New Member

    with now over 700 registered members on our website! Come on and check us out :)
  6. AlistairCheek

    AlistairCheek New Member

    over 800 registered members!
  7. Legallity

    Legallity New Member

    Love the server, but can't login cause my client crashes at the location I'm currently at... can someone get me away from my current location? (some redpower error)
  8. AlistairCheek

    AlistairCheek New Member

    whats your user name? and ill sort it out
  9. Legallity

    Legallity New Member

    Same as here Legallity
  10. AlistairCheek

    AlistairCheek New Member

    ok sorry for the late response you should be able to come on now :)
  11. ace umbreon

    ace umbreon Guest

    So far I think this server is amazing
  12. cooldude2044

    cooldude2044 Guest

  13. Nice server,

    the community is very friendly, the installed mods are very good. Come join us !

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