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Whitelist Server Blues-Craft | Ultimate | White-List | Grief Protection |Keep Items on death | Essentials |24/7

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by MC Name -> BravoBluesTv, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. This is a new server we have fixed all glitches with in the server so feel free to join we are open 24/7 and Admins will always be there if you have a problem so if your keen on joining just fill this Application in . All rules are at spawn if you want to know them .Any age is excepted but if your under 13 please act mature .

    Minecraft Name :
    Experience With Modded Minecraft :
    Age :
    Builder/Miner Or Both :
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  2. shadewarrior27

    shadewarrior27 New Member

    Minecraft Name : shadewarior27
    Experience With Modded Minecraft : i have played for 2 years now and love it.
    Age :13
    Builder/Miner Or Both :miner
  3. adeok1234

    adeok1234 New Member

    Minecraft Name : Sylinius
    Experience With Modded Minecraft : I've been playing modpacks for over a year now.
    Age :I'm 13, though my birthday is coming up soon.
    Builder/Miner Or Both : I'd prefer to be a Miner as I'm not that great of a builder.
    Thanks for looking.
  4. -Darkvigilante

    -Darkvigilante New Member

    Minecraft Name : XdarkvigilanteX
    Experience With Modded Minecraft : NONE
    Age : 17
    Builder/Miner Or Both : Both
  5. Garrth

    Garrth Guest

    Minecraft Name: braincells210
    Experience With Modded Minecraft :lots of build craft for about three years
    Age: 13
    Builder/Miner Or Both :Miner
  6. Raptor_Fin

    Raptor_Fin Guest

    Minecraft Name: Raptor_Fin
    Experience with modded Minecraft: i've been playing this modpack almost a year and i really like it.
    Age: 15
    Builder/Miner or both: Both
  7. levi2287

    levi2287 Guest

  8. levi2287

    levi2287 Guest

    Name:Cherman24 and levi2287 (brothers)
    We have been playing unleashed for a year
    Cherman24 is 14 levi2287 is 16
    Levi2287 cherman24
    Builder/miner miner
  9. Raptor_Fin

    Raptor_Fin Guest

    Minecraft Name: Raptor_Fin
    Experience with modded minecraft: I have been playning modpack for a year.
    Age: 15
    Builder/Miner or both: Both
  10. trajano080

    trajano080 New Member

    Minecraft Name : Trajano_080
    Experience With Modded Minecraft : I played the first 1.4 ftb pack (2012 or 2013, I don't remember), I played the mindcrack and ultimate packs in 2013, and in 2014 I played custom packs based mostly on Unleashed and Monster. I am comming back to Minecraft now after not playing for a while.
    Age : 15
    Builder/Miner Or Both : Both
  11. torwinen

    torwinen Guest

    Minecraft Name: torwinen
    Experience With Modded Minecraft: I have played Tekkit for a year and ftb ultimate for 2 years now.
    Builder/Miner Or Both: Both pretty much
  12. MaxPerpoli123

    MaxPerpoli123 New Member

    Minecraft Name : M9123
    Experience With Modded Minecraft : I used to play this pack almost every day when it first came out, and recently I've gotten back into modded.
    Age : 16
    Builder/Miner Or Both : Miner mostly, but if I try, I can build something pretty good looking.
  13. Minecraft Name : anhdle14
    Experience With Modded Minecraft : I used to play mindcrack and some maps like crashlanding etc...
    Age : 19
    Builder/Miner Or Both : Miner, and a little bit builder
  14. powercore1221

    powercore1221 New Member

    Minecraft Name : powercore122
    Experience With Modded Minecraft :lots DW20 Infinity Hermitcraf teckit Etc ive also built a mod pack for a server i ran
    Age :28
    Builder/Miner Or Both :both but favor mineing
  15. Krognus

    Krognus Guest

    Minecraft Name : Krognus
    Experience With Modded Minecraft : Played IC servers then ultimate + monster packs
    Age : 30
    Builder/Miner Or Both : Yes.

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