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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MRHeavyMetal_SIR, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. MRHeavyMetal_SIR

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    First off i don't want this to become a flame thread if it does i will delete the thread.
    Now that thats out of the way, i have played 3 of the FTB pack ( DW20,Mindcrack and ultimate ) and have a ultimate server and have a custom pack server and in the custom mod pack we use biomes o plenty and i have to say i prefer that to ExtraBiomesXL it has more variety and in my opinion better biomes, it changes the colour of the sky above some biomes adds plant life aswell and i have to say that the red rock looks better and i personally think there should be an option to use this in the ultimate pack instead of ExtraBiomesXL what are your opinions?
    Biomes o plenty
  2. Tsun

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    I think you need to use more periods.

    I haven't tried Biomes o Plenty myself, but looking at Direwolf's spotlight, I'm afraid it's going to turn the overworld into another Twilight Forest. I like all the cool biomes and I think they're amazing, but they should be very rare compared to more "normal" biomes. I mean how often do you run into poisonous swamp or a hot spring IRL? Not that it has to be realistic, but refer to my Twilight Forest point.

    Then again I don't like ExtraBiomesXL either too much. Firstly every world I've ever made has ended up being like 2/3 of one of the snow biomes, and second there's too many dense forest or some biomes that are hard to navigate (extreme jungle etc). And then there's things like redwood forests which are plain ugly and cause nothing but lag, or marsh which is just the worst biome all over. I end up disabling almost all of the biomes, except some like red mountains and wasteland which I think are actually meaningful additions to the game.

    Overall I like the BoP biomes more and their designs are far better, but there's too many "special" biomes in it. If Biomes o Plenty has a config file for adjusting the rarity of each biome separately (or if they're well balanced to begin with), then I would definitely use that instead of ExtraBiomes. If not, then both of these mods should consider adding such an option.

    Another thing to consider, does BoP work with bees? To me bee breeding is one of the most important mods so I wouldn't want them to complain on all the non-vanilla biomes (aka like 9/10 of the world).

    edit: Also it seems that you'll have to manually adjust Twilight Forest biomes config or there will be problems. I don't like having to do that, but I guess it's a minor thing.
  3. AlexUbel

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    He used another mod to place the biomes he wanted to showcase. That is why it seemed that they were more common than the normal biomes. During my plays with it, they were more rarer.
  4. dgdas9

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    There is already a thread about this...
  5. MRHeavyMetal_SIR

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    @dgdas9 sigh* not sight and i didnt know there was a thread already, clearly
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    That was a keybord mistake, I knew that, but I'm sorry about it.

    You don't have to feel bad about it, sometimes I don't see a thread my self because it is a bit old.I recomend you to search before posting anything.
  7. Mjw

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    BoP is better in every possible way: more biomes, more attention to detail, and in 1.5.2 more compatibility with other mods.
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  8. Siro

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    What would be really interesting is if Mystcraft had a native controller for each biome mod and let one use multiple native biome controller pages functionally. The general idea then being that for pre-set dimensions one could config which biome mod/vanilla would be used (natura nether versus vanilla nether for example) and then one could also create mashup dimensions where multiple biome mods run rampant via normal mystcraft mechanics. That way many biome mods could be installed without necessarily conflicting with a given default config'd world generation.

    tl;dr: XCompWiz, please fix all the things.
  9. Lathanael

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    Hmm first: EBXL also has mod compatibility to nearly the same amount.
    Sorry if i destroy your little precious world with the following but it has to be said:
    More ist not always better and when it comes to biomes mods it even is highly dependent on the person which one is better. For you it seems to BoP for someone else it could be EBXL. I agree on the attention to detail part, but EBXL in its current state is only maintained. There is a complete rewrite going on. After that has been finished i will compare the 2 again until then i can't really compare them as they are too different at the moment.
    I'd also like to point you towards a mod called Highlands. Any world generation from BoP looks boring to me when i compare it to HL.
  10. MRHeavyMetal_SIR

    MRHeavyMetal_SIR New Member

    i personally like BoP more because of the attention to detail and Highlands looks good as well and more is certainly not always better and i also would like to say i like both mods but do infact prefer BoP
  11. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    In my experience, when I am in a modpack that has EBXL installed, I usually avoid the new biomes and try finding a more vanilla biome. This is usually because I don't like having lots of blocks that I can't use for anything, like cracked sand. EBXL not only adds these new blocks, but also includes new and interesting uses for these blocks. There is also much more variety and even a sky dimension.
  12. dgdas9

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    Wait...That does not make sense...
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  13. Virgoddess

    Virgoddess New Member

    I much prefer BoP, but it really is all about personal preference. I disable all but a few biomes, so it's like vanilla with sprinkles in my worlds.
  14. Wumpsi

    Wumpsi New Member

    With BOP in my World, i can't found any desert binomes with cactis. No waterproof pipes witout bees.
  15. Virgoddess

    Virgoddess New Member

    You don't have EE3?
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  16. Wumpsi

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    I'm getting silly. Thank's for your hint. I have ee3 in my modpack and can use the minium stone.
  17. Virgoddess

    Virgoddess New Member

    Glad I could help :)
  18. Golrith

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    Don't forget liquiducts, never need cactus again.
  19. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    I concur, but you have to admit not having early game liquid transport gets troublesome. But not a game breaker.

    As for BoP, I've never used it but I do find ExtraBiomes very obnoxious... and makes vanilla biomes too rare.
    Often in my search for slime I try to hunt down a standard swamp only to find the ExtraBiome swamps that appear to no spawn slimes. Then there's those seemingly endless snow biomes.
    IF BoP can remedy these tribbles then it's already far superior to ExtraBiomes.
  20. iconmaster

    iconmaster New Member

    I use EBXL for my server. Saying that, it was mostly because of legacy reasons (considering EBXL was out first). However, I believe that EBXL was a good choice.

    EBXL has some issues, yes. I had to disable all the redwood biomes and some of the snow ones ("lagwood forests", anyone?) in order to make it more sane. I do wish that new biomes didn't outnumber vanilla ones.

    BOP has issues, too. First of all, the weird ones are too common. Vanilla 'weird' biomes, like Mushroom biomes, are balanced by being super rare. BOP doesn't weigh into rarity, so all their biomes drown out vanilla ones. Another issue is the tremendous chunk-loading lag. Watch any video detailing BOP, and you'll see constant shudders when new chunks load. BOP's chunk loading algorithm constantly causes my client to lock up, and that's decidedly not a good thing.

    Of course, there's mods like Highlands, which look very promising. But I'm probably sticking with EBXL. Of course, the rumored merger with Underground Biomes may change this. But we shall see.

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