Biomes o' Plenty config change for existing world possible?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Serkas, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Serkas

    Serkas New Member

    Hey Guys,
    I currently Play on the new Direwolf20 Pack for 1.6.2, but I just recently discovered that many of the BoP Biomes in the config are disabled by default. Is it possible to enable those for my existing world without Problems? Or will this cause biomes to corrupt and cut off in the already loaded chunks.
    I'm not sure if those enabled biomes only generate in new chunks and I didn't want to mess up my world.

    Thx for an answer.
  2. Dodge34

    Dodge34 New Member

    This shouldn't cause any kind of problems, perhaps while creating new chunks around existing ones it might be weird transition between new chunks and old chunks but it shouldn't cause any problems, I added ExtraBiomeXL to a map that was created without it once and the borders of the new chunks were extremely ugly (I think they fixed their smoothing technique now, I did that in Minecraft 1.4.6) but its possible to live with it, just that I would make sure if you have a base to run around it for around 15-20 chunks in each direction before enabling any new biomes so you wouldn't have too much problems if the new borders were new chunks and new biomes appear not so cute...

    Just another trick, try to not enable too much of them, there's so many that having so much to choose from isn't fun after awhile, you can always create a mystcraft age with the biomes you're looking for (if I'm not mistaken here you should find all the biome pages for Mystcraft and they should all be available even if the configs of BoP said that the biome is disabled) I could be wrong here but I think Mysrcraft ignores the config, it just create the pages to match the normal content of BoP...
  3. Defiancey

    Defiancey New Member

    I enabled them all after i realized they werent. There is a option in one of the config files to smooth the transition from one to the next. But i didnt do that originaly so i had some really bad looking transition.
  4. Serkas

    Serkas New Member

    So did they appear only in new chunks or did they get "spawned in " over allready existing ones? I just don't want to get a square ofwasteland placed right inside my nice magical forest for example.[DOUBLEPOST=1388935113][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Ah nice, Yeah I wondered why there where all those BoP Pages for Mythcraft. And I allready explored like my whole continent so theres only new room on the ocean. Thx for the answer.
  5. Defiancey

    Defiancey New Member

    Well lets say i explored out to 500 in the northern direction. The biome wasnt completely explored at 500 the new biome just started right there. I remember seeing areas that looked like a quarry had dug out part of the landscape. There was also spots where there was taller hills, almost mountains that were just like cut in half. Now i didnt know about the transtion thing in the config, and im thinking if i would have set that to 5 from the default (1) it would have helped. But i also agree dodge34, enabling all of them may see like a good idea, but there is far too many of them and it just gets to be too much after awhile.

    Since you have ocean all around your place you should be good to go to enable whatever biomes you want. It might take a while but you could disable all the biomes except for 1 at a time and then go fly around in a new world and see if you like said biome. Then in the end only enable the ones you really like.
  6. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    If this is the case, then you should be okay to enable/disable biomes because the jagged transition (which isn't fixed by BoP's "smooth transition", that deals with smooth color gradients for grass/leaves between biomes) only occurs between newly generated land chunks. When you cross the ocean surrounding your continent, you'll start to see the newly enabled biomes.
  7. Defiancey

    Defiancey New Member

    I would still try and see all of them via creating worlds with just that biome, or search youtube for video showcase before you enable them all. Alot of them can be very similar or can be just a pain to travers like quagmire.

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