biomass production


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Jul 29, 2019
any good ways to produce biomass fast?
my server has reset recently and im looking for a power source
i wanted to try biomass but having some problem

i know i can use steve's cart for a tree farm or foestry multifarm(not sure how to set this up)
or is there other better ways to get a big amount of biomass?


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Jul 29, 2019
MFR+ recyclers for fertilizer is the way to go! Trust me no stupid apatites, not going to be nerfed, only use power when actually doing something (doesn't even use it for checking), And server friendly with it's "sleep" mode to not hog CPUs when not doing a thing. A proper setup can get you a couple of max HP boilers going once heated to 1k C. Use a very efficient Bio Reactor with 9 difference items for the extra miles and throw in a cool Sludge Boiler! A fully auto bioreactor with all those items will keep 2-4 HP Max Size boilers at Heatup!! Oh did I mention it's doesn't need a catalysis and power and it's still output Biofuel? After that goes for USPs they're a pain in the rear to make but soo worth the mileages as they'll pay themselves in just about 100 light hours!


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Jul 29, 2019
You can setup a steve carts tree farm, going into 3 different barrels. Logs, Saplings and Apples.

You can send the apples into a squeezer to produce apple juice and mulch.
The apple juice can be used to power the fermenters, but this isn't the most efficient way. I would recommend just sending it straight into a tank.
The mulch that comes out of the squeezer can be used as a replacement for fertilizer.

Then, you can just pull the saplings out of the barrel which has saplings being sent into.
These saplings can be used to make biomass.

Then, instead of using the apple juice, you can use water. You can setup a simple aqueous accumulator inbetween two source blocks of water. That's your infinite water.

Now, just pump your mulch, saplings, water and power into your fermenter(s). Then you have an infinite production of biomass.

I hope this helps. :)