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Open Server BigClan| MindCrack FTB server | No Whitelist | Jump in and chop away!

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by NickUK, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. NickUK

    NickUK New Member

    Feed the Beast

    IP :: FTB.bigclan.co.uk


    Server & ClientAdmin: Blindy & Ade.

    50 Slots
    Running 1.4.7 on Minecrack!


    Don't spam
    No hacked clients/cheats
    Be respectful
    No griefing
    No Nukes!!!!!
    No Building near others!!!!

    Download the .rar from the following (Two Extra Addons!)
    >>>> https://mega.co.nz/#!Q0pBmLBJ!QNr2EE1xOweonosX3xpwRQ2vBpYIN9ml6FjM7urDN8Y. <<<< This archive will include 2 files only. (updated on the 29th Jan)

    Extract the archive file and place the 2 files from the mod directory into your own mod directory.

    For example D:\Minecraft_FTB_Client\MindCrack\minecraft\mods

    Any problems respond here or in the Minecraft TeamSpeak Channel.
    Teamspeak 3 :: TS3.bigclan.co.uk

    Happy Chopping!

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