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Best Tools and Weapons?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Geometry, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    I'm trying to figure out what the ultimate set of tools and weapons for me would be. Like the fastest tools and most damage dealing weapons. I'd prefer the tools to be unbreakable or rechargeable, if not, then they should be easy to repair. I'm also not really interested in TiCo tools, since they don't mine as fast as I would like them to. I like instant mining tools, and one hit kill weapons. I have a wide array of mods installed, so I have a lot of choices. I need a pickaxe,axe,shovel,sword, and a bow. Cost doesn't matter, as long as it's worth it. Show me what you got! :D
  2. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

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  3. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    any random crap sword + enhanced pink pendant.

    One shot endermen, be the envy of all your un-pink friends!
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  4. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    I'm looking for specific tools; I'm considering the RoC bedrock axe as my primary axe, unless there is a better one. TiCo is out of the question, since I want something fast. An efficiency 5 diamond pick is faster than the fastest TiCo pick.
  5. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    You really can't get faster than a Mining Laser.
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  6. Vasa

    Vasa New Member

    one hit kill
  7. McJty

    McJty Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    The RoC tools are pretty good. Not because they are extremely fast but mostly because they last forever (unless you die or throw them in the lava or something).
  8. chbachman

    chbachman Guest

    Try a battlesign, with the free modifiers from tinkers construct when you logged in with a new version, and all quartz. 22 attack damage. The best weapon.
  9. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    Well the Mining laser really isn't a pickaxe, and it sure doesn't mine like one. But I do use it here and there.
  10. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Can I ask why you need exactly a pickaxe? Just to be nosy...
  11. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    Well not exactly a pickaxe, just anything that mines like it. I just want an all-around tool that's fast and get's the job done.
  12. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Bound Pickaxe and Beast Mode. Not exactly a surgical dig, but it'll get the job done fast.
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  13. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Reminds me of Skyrim, what exactly is Beast Mode in FTB?
  14. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    A right click with Bound tools. 100% guaranteed to accidentally eat your storage room if you aren't careful. It's fun for everyone!
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  15. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    GraviSuites upgrades for the IC2 Diamond drill, the "Advanced Diamond Drill" is hard to beat. If enchanted with efficiency 5 it mines all common stuff instantly. It mines both rocks and dirt/sand/gravel etc. It has several modes including a precision mode for when you are breaking machines in your base and don't want to take down the wall too, it got a 3x3 mining mode to make it function like a TiCo hammer/excavator.

    The drill is accompanied by the a chainsaw for instant wood type breaking. Also doubles as a silktouch(mode that can be toggled on/off) shear for shearing vines, grass etc. Also allows shearing of sheep by rightclick. Deals a decent amount of damage if used as weapon, but not enchantable as one.

    The there is ofc the Vajra that instant breaks everything at the cost of heavy power consumption. Rather good for mining lots of obsidian and similar hard blocks, but probably too powerhungry to be used on normal blocks(there would be no need to as the drill will instant break those at a fraction of the energy cost).

    All tools are powered by any of the GraviSuite chest armours which can be in turn powered by different tiers of battery packs kept in your inventory, greatly extending your working range.

    For weapons I cant seem to get around the heavily enchanted Sword of the Zephyr from TC due to its AoE ability. Then I don't mind having to hit a single mod once more tbh, when I can hear that WHOOOSH and see an entire pack of mobs go down.
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  16. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    So does anybody know of any strong bows?
  17. psp

    psp New Member

    Orespawn mod has those but that most likely in any pack your playing.

    Now, railguns.... there close to bows right? Might be a slight over kill with the Roc railgun..
  18. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Energy Bazooka. Not a bow, but so much more fun.
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  19. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    I WANT YOU, to create additional pages on that item!
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  20. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

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