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Best power armor attachments?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by SWGCryand, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. SWGCryand

    SWGCryand Member

    I'm not too sure they're called attachments. Regardless, I was wondering what people think is the best. I'm playing a death ban PvP server where I haven't been found..yet. I figured that I would need a decent armor set and home defense. Here's what I have.

    • Battery (The one that requires an MV capacitor. I'll call it an advanced battery.)
    • Advanced plating (Maxed out)
    • Aqua Affinity upgrade.
    • Advanced Battery (See above)
    • Advanced plating (maxed)
    • Glider
    • Parachute (Does a glider work with a parachute?)
    • Kinetic Generator
    • Advanced Battery (See above)
    • Sprint assist
    • Jump boost
    • Anti-falling-death thingy.
    • Advanced battery.
    Power Hand:
    • Pickaxe (Normal pickaxe -> Diamond upgrade)
    • Shovel (Maxed out. Same as pickaxe)
    • Axe (Maxed out)
    • Crafting bench upgrade (I can't open it. That's another question. I still am right clicking?)

    That's it! Thanks guys!
    - SWGCryand
  2. Mjw

    Mjw Well-Known Member

    Well you could replace mv with hv batteries and you could replace adv plating with forcefeilds and add flight. Idk what resourses you have atm tho. Also don't forget if you go above 25kg it will slow you down[DOUBLEPOST=1370932439][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh also shift + scroll wheel when powertool is highlighted changes mode
  3. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp Popular Member

    You'll want the melee and ranged attachments to your power hand. Yes, the glider and the parachute work together, but if you weigh too much then the glider will be useless.

    What I'd do in a situation like yours is have two sets; a PK set and a fleeing set, where you're always wearing the fleeing set. Fleeing set would be max speed legs with no weight and a jetpack. PK set would be max armor and standard speed. You'd have to chose your armor depending on the situation though.
  4. Omegatron

    Omegatron Well-Known Member

    It is better to have fewer batteries but have them heavier than have lots of smaller batteries (e.g. four half sized advanced batteries give you less power that two full sized advanced batteries). If you are on 1.5 the spinning blade launcher is a nice ranged weapon that isn't too expensive. The mob repeller is also very useful. If you can afford active camouflage that may be useful and even if you can't you could install the transparent armour modules, people might leave you alone or attack you without their best equipment if they think you aren't wearing armour. If you are on 1.5 you can't install transparent armour, press L (by default) to enter the cosmetic customisation screen and make your armour invisible there.

    EDIT: Also, on 1.5 the kinetic generator generates quite a lot of heat which can kill you if you are not careful so you may want to avoid it or at least add some cooling (heat sinks, cooling core or heat generator).

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