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Best Minimap?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by OmegaPython, May 19, 2013.


Which minimap do you prefer?

  1. Rei's Minimap

  2. VoxelMap

  3. Other

  4. I'll use either

  5. I don't use a minimap

  1. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython New Member

    So, FTB has used two different minimaps in its packs, which one would you prefer?
  2. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member

    If voxel had no lag problems and didnt make me fall into lava by sticking my keys after zooming, I'd use it.
  3. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    I dislike pretty much everything Voxel brings to the table.
    Seeing players tags from miles away? Yay you just broke pvp.
    Seeing all the mobs on the radar? Yay you just broke pve.
    Seeing all the caves super clearly? Yay you just broke meaningful exploration.
    Teleporting to your waypoints? How is this not cheating?
    Nyan cat, the point of which is what?
    And the horrible FPS drops

    What's to like?
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  4. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member

    Wasn't there mobradar with rei's minimap too? I think the difference was that it was turned off by default.
  5. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython New Member

    Servers need to do something special to enable it.
  6. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    Both Rei's and Voxel have mob radar.

    I prefer Voxel because Rei's gives me horrible FPS issues while I can run Voxel smooth as glass. Beyond this detail I would not care but that is kind of an important key detail (the FPS).
  7. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    I use zan's minimap:

    It is exactly like Voxel map --- think they are forks off the same code base. Zan's uses forge loader, so you can remove/disable all the other voxel mods and liteloader.
  8. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython New Member

  9. Mjw

    Mjw New Member

    Voxel almost halves my fps
    With voxel 40-50 fps
    With reis 70-80 fps
    Without a minimap 90-100 fps
  10. Mash

    Mash New Member

    I did notice a somewhat substantial FPS increase without Voxel, but I don't know that it'll be nearly as noticeable if I use Rei's instead of just no minimap period.

    In my base, the difference is pretty negligible.
  11. Dare2Win

    Dare2Win New Member

    Indeed it is the same thing, but i just have the Zans minimap, without the liteloader and other voxel mods, and i dont notice any drop in fps (no difference from reis to zans,i do notice a difference without the other voxel stuff) I still get around 80-120 fps
  12. brujon

    brujon New Member

    I like aspects of both. I hate the way mobs are rendered on Voxel Minimap as i find it too intrusive. It's cave mod is MUCH better than Rei's though. but Rei's wins with the non-intrusive Waypoints that are visible regardless of distance. Voxel's Zoom and level of detail are better, as well as full screen, but i like Rei's color scheme better. Lack of a config option for Voxel in order to turn cave mode and mob detection is bad, though... If i could i'd combine both into something better.
  13. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Only issue I have with REI's (in 1.4.7) is that mod textures don't render correctly all the time on the mini map. My RedPower Solar panels are bright pink, and many of the mod trees are grey.
  14. Mash

    Mash New Member

    Guys, apparently we can just download the other minimap.

    Intelligent discussion be damned. It's time to be impulsive and angry.
  15. brujon

    brujon New Member

    Uh oh someone's having a baaaad day.
  16. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Nice constructive post there Juice57, great job. Up until your post, this was a valid discussion with test results and pros and cons of both mods.
  17. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    I should have clarified, I'm ONLY using the Zan's Minimap part of the Voxel 'stuff'. I am not using their WHOLE mod-pack.
  18. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    Voxel mod has those config options. You can turn off mobs on the radar and disable cave mode.
  19. brujon

    brujon New Member

    I personally like them, i know you can disable them yourself, my complaints are about how server owners can't stop their players from using it.

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