Best map (with quests) for newbie


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Jan 10, 2022
Eventhough I'm watching Direwolf20 and 47MarkIV now for some years I'm still finding that I don't know when to use which mods. <sad face>

I've tried improving my self using some older maps in the following order:

1) FTB Academy: I got stuck after a while since I did not know which mod I should use to continue (due to 47MarkIV I learned some tricks like joining the Storage Drawers mod with Refined Storage. And to start early with Tinkers construct. But since there are that many mods in the pack I never knew when to use what, so I gave up.

2) Similar with Peace of Mind. Again Tinkers and Storage Drawers are no brainers, but after that I did not know.

3) With The Simple Life 1 I got a bit further, but sill at a certain moment in time I got the feeling like the quest book was not giving me the best way how to continue and since I saw no playthrough of it and was already following 47MarkIV's playthrough of the 2nd pack I decided to (temporarily) stop it and continue with ...

4) The simple life 2... 47MarkIV has a nice playthrough of it, but he is just a bit to quick for me. I see his experience in when he is saying "I did this offline" where I want to learn when to do what.

And the biggest issue with all of these maps are that they are 'old'. I wish to learn on the latest (modded) minecraft versions, so I know what to do in the new (versions of) mods.

So my question is: do you have a good quest pack (preferably with quests which learn you how to use mods without any modifications)?

Thank you in advance.