Bee breeding..


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Jul 29, 2019
Quick question. I know that to progress to the next tier bee, you take the newest generation princess and breed it with the previous generation drone to get a chance of the new princess mutating a level..

So Princess: Common / Drone: Meadows = Princess: Cultivated

But, if I have a stock pile of Cultivated Drones and want to start a new line of bees up.. can I breed a Hive Princess with a Cultivated Drone to try and get a Cultivated Princess and skip a generation? i.e. rather than breeding with the previous generation, breed with the next generation (so the opposite)??

Princess: Meadows / Drone: Cultivated = Princess: Cultivated

Is that OK, will it work and will it screw anything up?



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Oct 14, 2013
Yes, a stack of drones will turn any princess into the princess type of the drones (takes a dozen or so drones). You're basically just thinning out the meadows genes until there is nothing left but cultivated, a clone of sorts. Make sure both specie alleles are cultivated however and preferably use a purebred (stackable) strain with traits you already have selected for.