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Casual Server BedrockBound - Infinity 1.5.0 - Dedicated Server - Brand New, Long-Term, Owned & Run By Adults

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Orich, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Orich

    Orich New Member

    Hi Everyone -

    This is a brand new, dedicated server for FTB Infinity 1.3.4

    If you are tired of either :
    • Awful lag on servers
    • Immature children / Ops with bad attitudes

    ... Our server might be for you.

    We've absorbed the community from a previous, excellently run server called AmbientCraft.

    After the server retired, we hopped around looking for servers. They had either awful performance, or were run by under-qualified people / adolescents with bad attitudes.

    Our Website : bedrockbound.enjin.com

    Our Server : infinity.bedrockbound.com (standard port, no need to specify in your game)
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  2. fool

    fool New Member

    Hi there. Since this post is missing the usual application instructions I'll just introduce myself:

    IGN: fuhl
    Age: 35

    I've been active with modded minecraft since Tekkit 1.2.5 came out and have been addicted since. I have comprehensive knowledge of most of the mods and like to build complicated. While I like to chat and be around people I prefer to build alone and get ressources alone, just because I want to achieve everything myself without help. I'm a father of two and an adult server sounds like lots of fun to me :)
  3. Orich

    Orich New Member

    Hey Fuhl. Thanks for the introduction!

    We aren't whitelist. We MAY go that route in the future, but for now there is no immediate need to do that.

    Glad to see more people in the 30+ category playing the game. Glad to have you!
  4. Wantsomemagic

    Wantsomemagic New Member

    Hey, I also am unclear as to what to write her haha so i'm also just going to put the usual information.
    IGN: was swimsuitman235 but i migrated my account and changed the name to lmaqtpie.(with an l)
    Age: i am 16
    Why should i join? I love modded minecraft because you are able to do so many things that you wish you could do on regular minecraft. I'm looking for a chill server where people can actually see some of my questions/comments in chat rather than being passed right by like i'm invisible. I am 16 so I don't have a family of my own but I am courteous and respectful and always looking to have some fun.
  5. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    We are two that applies to your server.
    We are looking for a stable server that dont ban items/mods.
    We want a small community that play smart and dont destroy the server.

    IGN: Behedwin and Kung_Kokos
    Age: 31, 34
    Location: Sweden
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Lots, since MC beta and FTB early days...
    Motivation to join: Have been away for some time taking a break after playing Monster. Now we look to get back and try new things.
    We have both been playing together allot, both modded and vanilia... and other games.
  6. Orich

    Orich New Member

    We are trying very hard not to ban items, but it's not possible. Some items are simply awful for the server and need to be regulated.

    We aren't a whitelist server, so there is no requirement to for you to apply. Just join the website and log in. Type /banneditems, it's not very much right now.
  7. Orich

    Orich New Member

    We've had lots of new members. Very solid community to start!
  8. Artezza

    Artezza New Member

    Been playing on this server for 3 days so far and I can't fault it at all. I've not experienced a single second of downtime, the staff are very helpful and everyone is friendly on the server. For anyone looking for a great server with a good community, join this server straight away.
  9. Orich

    Orich New Member

    Thanks :) Our top goals are zero lag and great community!
  10. Orich

    Orich New Member

    Just upgraded to 1.4.0!
  11. Orich

    Orich New Member

    Many more new players! Come one come all.
  12. Aucier2

    Aucier2 New Member

  13. skunkdonkey

    skunkdonkey New Member

    Really enjoying my experience so far. The community is great!
  14. Mannyfrez

    Mannyfrez New Member

    I've been playing SP minecraft for a about 6 months now and I've never played online any pointers before I try you guys out?
  15. skunkdonkey

    skunkdonkey New Member

    Nothing, really. Just that some items are banned and you need to protetec your stuff with griefprevention to stop people griefing you.

    GriefPrevention Tutorial:
  16. Artezza

    Artezza New Member

    If any newcomers are looking to work with me, give me a shout if I'm online
  17. Artezza

    Artezza New Member

    Still plenty of space left on the server!
  18. Teklow82

    Teklow82 New Member

    is there grief prevention on this server.?
  19. skunkdonkey

    skunkdonkey New Member

  20. Orich

    Orich New Member

    Bumped baby

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