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Whitelist Server BeastRealms ("Putting the OG back in Online Gaming") | 22 Slot 2GB MindCrack v7 | Whitelist

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by chzos, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. chzos

    chzos New Member

    Server IP and most of our information can be found over at our site:
    (it's still undergoing alot of work)
    Will add more content to this post later.
    Kind of rushed.
    Applications are currently being accepted.
    however exceptions apply (check the site for more information).
    is currently looking for
    dedicated long-term players.
    BeastRealms Whitelist Application:
    Minecraft Username:
    Your minecraft username, for whitelist purposes.
    How old are you?
    Experience with Minecraft:
    What's your experience with java? Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, advanced or a full-fledged professional? Do you have any previously released work? If so, please provide links.
    Experience with Gaming:
    Tell us about how you got started with games, what was your first game? What's your favorite game? How much do you play on average? How many years have you played for?
    We will be opening our door and accepting public whitelist applications nearing the end of January.
    Feel free to post your applications now.
    If there is any questions, comments or feedback please leave me a post or start a conversation with me.
    Every vote helps!
  2. Rashaveran

    Rashaveran New Member

    you do not offer anything, even basic info but you have your donation program ready, although you dont even know what to sell, really great
  3. chzos

    chzos New Member

    I have the server info, whitelist info and how to get in, as well as community forums which I leave open to the public to ask questions and to see what we're up to.
    My contact information is also up there.

    What am I missing?
  4. Johnnie2038

    Johnnie2038 New Member

    Johnnie2038 IGN
    Age 12
    Java stuff no
    Gaming my facorite game right now is Minecraft
  5. Exdefire

    Exdefire New Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Experience with Java/Video Editing:
    I am good at Video Editing but don't have any videos out. I had intended to put out videos last year when I got my new computer but there was a problem with it so my mic doesn't work. I intend to get it fixed this summer and start recording
    Experience with Gaming:
    My first real game was Halo on the xbox. I then went to minor PC gaming and am now a full fledge gamer. Have been since I was about 9. I really couldn't tell you my favorite game if my life depended on it. There are just so many good ones. I play about 5 hours a day or so on week days and like 8 hours a day when I'm not busy on weekends. Like I said. I have been playing REAL games since I was about 9.
  6. chzos

    chzos New Member

    EVERYONE may now post their application on the forums as well as on the website for review.

    The first whitelisted names will be released on February 1st.
  7. Jopwny

    Jopwny New Member

    IGN: jonnyEA
    Age: 14
    Not very good at java but i can edit videos.
    Ive been playing minecraft since 1.2 or 1.3 BETA
    Ive had games around me all my life and love then. I dont play much xbox i mostly play on my computer and like mmorpg games. A
  8. martenvoorberg

    martenvoorberg New Member

    IGN martenvoorberg
    Age 12
    Java: A little bit, started to learn it a week ago.
    I <3 minecraft (with mods) played since 1.1 :)
  9. chzos

    chzos New Member

    Dedicating the bulk of this week to updating the site's content and adding more server content.
  10. J0weosme

    J0weosme New Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Experience with Minecraft:
    I'm not experienced in any way with coding, except a bit of E2 from Wiremod. Minecraft wise, I've been playing since Alpha, and have been playing with the mods since they were first released.
    Experience with Gaming:
    The first game I ever played was Final Fantasy VII.
  11. MinecraftMart

    MinecraftMart New Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Experience with Minecraft:
    I have been playing since alpha. Played tekkti since started and FTB since started(including MindCrack)
    Experience with Gaming:
    LoL, Mc, PoE, Crysis, CoD And more games
  12. chzos

    chzos New Member

    Reviewing the applications after I get back from work tonight.
    EDIT: Send yours in soon if you are still thinking about applying.

    Any applications sent in on Feb. 1st and onward will be ignored.
  13. chzos

    chzos New Member

    Thanks for applying everyone!

    Here are the 6 whitelisted players for this month.
    Please reply with a post confirming your spot, otherwise I will have to let someone else take your spot. (Either on this thread our on our site forums)

    - Mitch321n
    - LawOfNewton
    - Daxoon
    - PsychicMaster1
    - Iownyou252 (confirmed)
    - Joeztoothbrush

    Keep in touch with us on our site : www.beastrealms.com
  14. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    Age 16
    I have lots of experience at it but just no server I found without greifers
    Plz accept this
    Also the first game I played was a racing game on my dads old computer and I started minecraft 4 years ago :) :D
  15. AVagrant

    AVagrant New Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Your minecraft username, for whitelist purposes.
    Experience with Minecraft:

    Nothing along the lines of Java except reading crash logs. I've been playing Minecraft though since October 28th of 2010.
    Experience with Gaming:
    I started gaming with games such as Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask, and consoles. O only recently moved on to PC Gaming.
  16. chzos

    chzos New Member

    Still waiting on five players to reply to confirm their spot on the whitelist.
    Those five spots will be forfeited and given to other applicants at the end of the week if they don't respond.
  17. mattyboy12

    mattyboy12 New Member

    13 soon 14 though
    I've been playing minecraft for over a year and having been playing the ftb/tekkit series and am very experienced with ftb
    I starting playing Xbox 3 years back and been playing that play a bit of tf2 also
    Thanks for reading and hope I get white listed :)
  18. Johnnie2038

    Johnnie2038 New Member

    why im i not ehitelisted
  19. chzos

    chzos New Member

    Whitelist Applications are being Accepted Again.Had some issues with the last ones so we're accepting another handful of players!
    Send in your applications @ our site beastrealms.com,
    If you are accepted we will notify you within 24 hours of your application.

    We are upgrading to 3GB 33 Slots this month.
  20. boxband

    boxband New Member

    IGN: boxband
    AGE: 14
    XP WITH MC: I've played for 2 years watched for the others
    XP WITH FTB: ive played since the release of the direwolf20 pack but watched direwolf20 from his season 2 lets play

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