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Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Abrawlica, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Abrawlica

    Abrawlica New Member

    CPU: Xeon Processor x2​
    RAM: 32Gigabytes​
    Harddrive: 128 SSD + 1TB Sata 6​
    Forge Essentials​



    We at BeastCraft are a friendly server with survival in mind. we run a hard server, no not hardcore just hard, with hard gregs tech recipes enabled.we promote fair play and a friendly environment if you have any questions in-game we are always happy to help.​
    No Griefing, No Exceptions what soever.​
    No Hacking or exploiting,​
    No mining machines in the twilight forest, it is meant to be played like an adventure map treat it as one​
    No major automations near spawn (Minimum 300 blocks away)​
    No Arguing with staff​
    Use Common Sense​
    Buildcraft Filler - Grief Prevention​
    Mining Laser- Grief Prevention​
    Buildcraft Bulder - Crashes Server​
    Mystcraft (donator ranks only)​
    XR is Disabled due to general op items​
    quarrys are disabled to normal players (donator ranks only)​

    /home - sends you to you're set home.​
    /home here - sets you're home location​
    /spawn - sends you to spawn​
    /chunk claim - allows you to claim a protected chunk​
    /chunk unclaim - allows you to unclaim a protected chunk​
    /chunk share - allows you to share you're protected chunk with a friend​
    /mods - lists active mods​
    /colors - lists color usage for chat​
    /list - lists online players​
    /help - shows the help menu​
    Post your ign and tell me about yourself here I will look over your application and accept or deny you​
    Please include your age, gender, and the various types of things you enjoy doing.​
    Download the FTB Launcher​
    Select FTB Ultimate from the modpack list​
    Run minecraft​
    Connect to server​​


    see ya there​
  2. LordDeTracy

    LordDeTracy New Member

    IGN: LordDeTracy
    Gender: Male
    I enjoy doing alot of things, mainly djing. However... Minecraft - FTB has a special place in my heart and i cant wait to play the Ultimate pack
  3. Iperithon

    Iperithon New Member

    IGN: Iperithon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    I'm a rather technical person with red stone and tend to make lots of neat machines, of course once I've been set up. I enjoy community building and large group projects and look forward to any good projects that might be partaken in the server. I also have plenty of server experience with both running Minecraft servers off my own system and further with my actual degree in Info tech. I don't play minecraft 100% of the day, but if there is a good thriving community and good people I would likely play a little more often than I do currently.
  4. Human

    Human New Member

    IGN: humanfiend
    Mainly looking for a FTB server that doesn't have 40-50 people causing loads of lag and all kinds of baned items (though some are to be expected)
    Tamper in Thaumcraft but mostly do Gregtech machines and RP2. On the plus side I dont have a life/job (though I'm looking) and I pass the time with Minecraft.
  5. Abrawlica

    Abrawlica New Member

    All Whitelisted before this post.
  6. Primal Wind

    Primal Wind New Member

    IGN: Rasgriz34
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20

    I'm a friendly and fairly vocal player that is looking for a new server with friendly people and protections to better learn the features of mods that I haven't touched much yet.
    I'm proficient in Thaumcraft 3 and Non-Gregtech Ic2, but am eager to get rolling with the hard recipes and more advanced items. I have a decent amount of knowledge with the other mods in the pack to be able to answer a good amount of questions if anybody has queries. Also can't wait to find a use for Xycraft blocks and the Multitanks.
  7. alexub123

    alexub123 New Member

    IGN: alexub
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    I've been playing ftb for quite some time now on ssp and i want to play on a server with friendly people to learn what i can from them.I have good knowledge of thaumcraft 3 and xycraft and a decent one of the others.
  8. TheOnly1NL

    TheOnly1NL New Member

    IGN: Sliceofmeat1
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15 and very mature

    I'm a friendly and polite player. I like to talk with people when I play mc and I also love to work together. I've played ftb for 3 weeks now and I'm loving it.
    I live in Holland so English isn't my main language but I think it's pretty good. I would love to play on your server!
  9. nandi910

    nandi910 New Member

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14

    I'm a regular Feed the Beast and vanilla player,on many servers.I have been playing vanilla for a year and FTB for at least 2 years.I live in Romania,my English knowledge is excelent(a little bit of stutter here and there if it's too late here).I haven't been banned on any server yet,mainly because I try to follow the rules as much as I can.By the way,I know that im not even an adult yet,but IMO i am a lot more mature than those that just randomly go on servers and grief.I would love to play with others,and to be able to cooperate and make some awesome builds,(just like direwolf20 :3)and maybe even(only if you allow me to)record youtube videos on your server.Also,I haven't mentioned,but I got excelent knowledge in the mods,except for redpower 2 computers and frames and such,but other than that,anything else you ask me,I kinda know how it works,how to use it,and almost always able to fix builds.

    In conclusion,I would Love to play on your server,I have read the rules and I agree to them.
    If I forgot anything,tell me. :p
    Thanks for reading!
  10. Skypo419

    Skypo419 New Member

    Gender: Male
    Age: 23

    Mostly here to play with my friend humanfiend and get my build on. =D
  11. happypyro

    happypyro New Member

    Gender: Male
    I do enjoy bees quite a lot
  12. Abrawlica

    Abrawlica New Member

    All whitelisted before this post. enjoy.
  13. ajwinant

    ajwinant New Member

    IGN: ajwinant
    Gender: Male
    I enjoy playing video games all day everyday. I like to think that I'm not an idiot for my age. Ask Skypo or Human for reference.
  14. GothicDrago

    GothicDrago New Member

    IGN: GothicDrago
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Here to play with Skypo/Human we do a lot of gaming together
  15. Odenite

    Odenite New Member

    IGN: odenite
    Gender: Male
    i was an admin on my last server but the owner ran out of money so now i'm looking for a new server. I'm a team player and like to have group working togeather. otherwise what's the point of playing on a server? ​
  16. gamer00788

    gamer00788 New Member

    info:enjoy small servers and litte to no lag.and enjoy a friendy community with none gifers.
  17. Abrawlica

    Abrawlica New Member

    All whitelisted before this post.
  18. LordDeTracy

    LordDeTracy New Member

    Best Server EVER!
  19. Aliphim

    Aliphim New Member

    Hey Abra can you delete my character's file? IGN is Aliphim. I think I'm crashing the server some how when I log in. Either crashing the server, or atleast just not able to log in myself.

    And if I am crashing the server... sorry about that I have no clue what I did.
  20. Abrawlica

    Abrawlica New Member

    Shameless Bump Sorry.

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