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BC conductive pipes are being changed...

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Grydian2, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Grydian2

    Grydian2 New Member

    I saw a tweet by sirsengir showing what Covertjauar has done with bc conductive pipes.. Here is a copy and past from the github explaining the new features..

    Explosions are gone, loss over distance is gone.

    Added two new Power pipes, Cobble and Diamond.

    All pipes have much smaller max throughput:
    Cobble = 8 MJ/t
    Stone = 16 MJ/t
    Gold = 64 MJ/t
    Diamond = 256 MJ/t

    The power display will turn red if a pipe has hit its max capacity. You
    can use smaller pipes to throttle certain parts of your power net.

    Machines are more lossy now to make up for the lossless pipes. Expect
    low power draws even when idle.

    Also added on/off Gate action support to lasers and ACTs.

    My first thought is, is the diamond pipe now better then a conduit? What is the max throughput of a conduit.. Any thoughts?
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  2. snooder

    snooder New Member

    Max throughput of conduit is unlimited.

    Well, BC pipes just got even more lame than they already were. Good to know that I can care even less about them than before.
  3. Redweevil

    Redweevil New Member

    Doesnt a conduit lose MJ over distance though? And having the ability to throttle power without a bunch of Energy Cells is pretty nice
  4. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    Not exactly unlimited, let's just say that the only thing which could go over the maximum would be the entire output of a fusion reactor converted trough an untrothled(you'd have to change the configs) power converter.
    Thanks man, good news.
  5. Loufmier

    Loufmier New Member

    nope. conduit can handle 1k mj/t maybe more. i`ve tested it by spawning a dozen of energy cells with 100 mj/t output to a bc consumer via conduits, with heavy energy consumption(few EV ic2 producers to a matter fab), and max number was 1k mj/t, but it probably was limitation of power converters
  6. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    This makes the race to conduit more of a light jog I feel. Explosions were why I would rush early into the game to build the machines needed to make conduit. and mine lots of redstone. I would still view conduit as the energy transport of choice, but this would make that transition much easier. Nice update.
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  7. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S New Member

    Pipes didn't explode in 1.5 releases of BC already (except loops).

    Edit: maximum throughput of conduit is 500 MJ per one connection. They don't have overall restrictions (for example you can connect 100 full energy cells on one side and 100 empty on the other side all energy that should be transferred will).

    Edit2: unfortunately this change will break my builds. I use conductive pipes for engines before energy cell (gates make it more compact) and they make about 100 MJ/t for each cell, so I'd have to change them to diamond ones or reduce number of engines per cell.
  8. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    If they exploded when looped, wouldn't that mean they exploded? :p

    Not that it matters, my end goal is still conduit. It's nice to see an attempt to make BC's legacy energy transport a bit more relevant and useful
  9. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Good. This means that instead of wasting some gold on a few conductive pipes before I move to conduits I can waste some stone on a few conductive pipes before I move to conduits ;)[DOUBLEPOST=1371045408][/DOUBLEPOST]

    According to King Lemming conduits have a max 500 mj/t power output per connection, but no total power throughput limit.
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  10. Shakie666

    Shakie666 New Member

    Good to see conductive pipes have a use now. I was always annoyed at how I would lose 5% of my power no mater what, now I have a choice of losslessness vs high carrying capacity. Though using a lot of diamond conductive pipes could be a bit expensive.
  11. Omegatron

    Omegatron Well-Known Member

    No, conduits have a fixed 5% loss when sending/receiving power to/from machines and non thermal expansion engines.
    What is the computational impact of conductive pipes vs conduits? Has it changed for the pipes?
  12. Loufmier

    Loufmier New Member

    this means i had 2 connections to consumer when messed around with that.
  13. Redweevil

    Redweevil New Member

    Oh man I feel dumb now. I knew that as well. This is what happens when you take a break from FtB :p
  14. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    This, I'll also use them for energy distribution though probably.
    True, I actually asked him personally for a bit of clarification and really, the only thing that can push so much energy per tick is the scenario I described above.
  15. arentol

    arentol New Member

    This is progress, but he is missing one thing that would really help..... He should make a cheap pipe, sandstone perhaps, which can move unlimited power any distance without loss. However, it should only take input from, and output to, diamond conductive pipes that have been upgraded in some way, perhaps with 8 glowstone, or 1 ender pearl, and those pipes should only connect to regular diamond pipes (after which they are just like normal).

    This would allow centralization of power generation with affordable, but not cheap, distribution over longer distances. This is important because as it is now nobody will ever make long power runs with his pipes except 8 mj at a time. Instead they will use tesseracts or conduit if available, or they will limit the growth of their world if they aren't.

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  16. gattsuru

    gattsuru Well-Known Member

    Perhaps it'll recommend a movement toward distributed power generation? There's not really much reason to have hundreds or even dozens of MJ/s going on most pipe runs, barring heavy-duty boiler rooms.

    Ignoring the game design questions, would that even be technically possible? Once you start crossing many chunks at all, you start opening space for a lot of undesirable behavior. The engine may well require that to be a place where people use tesseracts.
  17. Pokefenn

    Pokefenn New Member

    "They will have finer control over power distribution" Just a quote from covert.

    Seems like these new pipe changes will be really good, from what i understand from https://github.com/BuildCraft/BuildCraft/commit/8f7292ec066b250b965fed5ce1e5f2b9c883a99b, if i wanted to have my lasers to only get 16mj altogether, i just replace a piece of diamond/gold pipe with stone pipes, personally from what ive read i will be using these instead of conduits ^^
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  18. Bomb Bloke

    Bomb Bloke New Member

    The changes to BC sound like a counter to TE's "no MJ loss so long as you use as much TE stuff as possible" system: Presumably conduits would always feed power to machines that don't really need it, causing constant waste. If so? Well, I'm betting we'll soon see a TE update to try and put conduits back into the "just build these once then forget about the whole MJ distribution system" area again.

    Which I assume will be more then welcomed amongst these parts.

    The catch is that, even with the use of gates, this means BC pipes will also waste power so long as you have more then one machine on the one grid. Try and power any individual block and all the others will sap the juice away from it.
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  19. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S New Member

    We need iron power pipe in BC. This change to power usage affects only BC machines, TE ones won't magically start requesting power when they don't need it.

    Overall conduits got their popularity, because they were available when power pipes were broken (blowing up almost "just because"). They are cool, hopefully now both will be viable options (it seems so). This can be a good balance to completely nerfing ACT (AWB), it works better now, but for some of my uses it is 256 times slower.
  20. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    a) Hardly necessary
    b) I don't think that KL is that kind of a person :)
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