Base tour after 10 episodes (mountain base)

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by bmstalker, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. bmstalker

    bmstalker New Member

    Hi All,

    I quite enjoying seeing other people's cool bases on this forum and thought there might be people who would be interested in seeing what I have been working on for a while. Here is a quick tour of my base as of episode 10 of my lets play series on youtube of Resonant Rise 3. Here are the pics:

    My Custom AE2 Controller providing 8x p2p tunnels to each of my 4 processing quadrants on the main floor.

    Another view of the controller with autocrafting in back ground

    External shot of my ae2 floor

    External shot of base exterior

    Red processing quadrant

    Lift shaft on main floor

    Big Reactor

    Corridor on AE2 floor

    walkway to main lift chamber, lower processing quadrants can be seen through the glass.

    Lower processing quadrant

    Side corridor with 58x drawbridge door to Tinkers construct room.

    Tinkers construct room.

    If you like the look of it, please consider taking a quick look at some of the vids so far (only uploaded up to episode 6 so far).
  2. masterzh

    masterzh Forum Addict

    Hell YES!!!
    I dont like the exterior that much but i guess you are not done with it right? Interior stuff is mindblowing! <3 I mean i do build even nicer and more complex stuff but i am honestly impressed with this. I cant wait to see more. You didnt believe me the first time but we really do have so much similar designs.
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  3. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Very cool. I like your use of angles. What are those blocks in the walls that look like fans? A new chisel block?
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  4. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    looking very cool. I always end up building small rooms connected to eachother but I really wish I was good at large builds.

    have you perhaps thought of adding some water on the outside, coming down from the hill, flowing down into a lake?
  5. bmstalker

    bmstalker New Member

    Thanks for the nice comments guys,

    Maz, We do build very similar builds for sure. You are right about the outside, it's currently a "placeholder" as I'm building this legit. I wanted to use a basic material as it was early game I started the build. I have a lot of details to add to the outside to make it not terribe, but the basics are in.

    Epidemia, The fans are animated chisel blocks, "technical blocks" they are really cool and animiated.

    Yuusunoha, I like the idea of water however being on the edge of a desert biome, not entirely sure how well it would fit. It's an interesting idea though, could have an oasis or something to make it fit.
  6. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    it could also be another fluid, perhaps something like sludge so it looks like it's polluting the environment or milk so it looks like it's processing something, but I always prefer doing water
  7. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Been finding myself bored to death watching Direwolf screw everything up and have been looking for a channel by someone who can actually build and do technical stuff.
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  8. bmstalker

    bmstalker New Member

    I watch a lot of direwolf and he is very good at what he does, the only issue is his mod diversity is a bit lacking, he's been using the same mods for a long time and has only managed to integrate a few in the last few years such as botania, blood magic etc. If you are looking for a new technical builder, check out Ako the builder's channel. Hi mod diversity is by far the best I've seen on youtube and the aesthetics in his builds are outstanding. I genuinely consider him the most technical youtuber out there and learn more from him than any other channel. I love his accent too :)

    Check him out:
  9. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Yeah I know about Ako. Your accent is better, lol.
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  10. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    I agree with Ako, he's quite a good youtuber for doing minecraft let's play's and he's pretty good at explaining his builds aswell.
    I also often watch his series as he can make some really awesome builds
  11. xTordX

    xTordX New Member

    Wait... That's TEN EPISODES?!!?
    Please senpai teach me how to build.
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  12. BAILEY2423

    BAILEY2423 New Member

    That is AWESOME!!!

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  13. Azdule

    Azdule New Member

    As others have said, fantastic work. You've given me quite a few ideas for setting up a new base
  14. bmstalker

    bmstalker New Member

    Glad to hear it. I got a lot of the inspiration for this base from others and I really it hope it inspires some really cool builds from the community. Been off work sick for a few days with a slipped disc and been working a fair bit on the base. Hopefully see some big changes coming up soon.
  15. Azdule

    Azdule New Member

    I've also subbed to your YouTube so I can keep tabs on the progress :p Keep up the great work
  16. What mod provides those sweet signs you used for the Datacentre / Red quadrant labels?
  17. JaRyCu

    JaRyCu Well-Known Member

    I don't know this for a fact, but I'm betting you won't get a response from the OP. He hasn't uploaded a YouTube vid in a year or two, and this thread is 2 years old. It looks like this was from his Resonant Rise 3 series. I know in modern day Minecraft, you can use RFTools screens to do what he did here. I can't remember what mods we used to use to do that with, though.
  18. masterzh

    masterzh Forum Addict

    @JaRyCu Seriously? you forget just like that? Amazing...

    @AnonymousDapper its from Nuclear Control 2 and its called "information panel".
    Btw welcome on the forum and GJ on necroposting in your first day.
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  19. JaRyCu

    JaRyCu Well-Known Member

    In fairness @masterzh, I never played RR3 nor did I ever use that mod. And I second your gratz of necroposting on joining day @AnonymousDapper!! GG!!
  20. dammitpogi

    dammitpogi Guest

    I am in love with your Carpenter's Blocks interiors!

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