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Open Server Baconfish FTB|Ultimate 1.1.2|Open 24/7

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Javalator, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Javalator

    Javalator New Member

    Hello fellow FTB:ers! Our names are Paajii and & Javalator. We've got a newly started out FTB Ultimate server, with a clean map.

    Server information
    Well, so our server is of course online 24/7, and we have maintenance at some points, but most of the hour online, rarely offline :D The server runs on latest enterprise hardware, at 6GB of RAM and a SSD.
    We have restarts at a interval of 3 hours, but it's really quick thanks to the SSD, so it takes like 35 seconds and the server is up again. We have 40 slots and we play at normal difficulty.
    We're having a relocation of the server, our IP is now, but the change will happen between 10th and the 20th of June, and then the IP will be

    In a nutshell
    A server looking for a new community, online 24/7, with mature & friendly staff. Top hardware and a lag free gaming experience.

    Contact information
    Email: [email protected] (use that for questions or reporting, checked many times a day.)
    Skype: blomjoe or paajiii (we're not so much online at mon-fri.)
    Website: www.baconfish.net
    KIK messenger: jochinii (Javalator's quick messaging account, checked every 15min :p.)

    The rules of the server
    We are very strict with our rules, because it's a open server and everyone can join.

    1. No grirefing or stealing other players items, punishment varies from tempbans to perm. bans.
    2. Respect our staff and every player, punishment varies from warnings to perm. bans.
    3. No spamming or whining, punishment varies from kicks to tempbans.
    4. No racism, it will ban you from all our server, forever.
    5. PvP is strictly forbidden, even if it's on, punishment is always a 94h tempban.

    If you break our rules, take the consequences for your actions. Please do not even try those classics "it was my brother" or "I didn't do it" because we don't punish clean players, we have logs and proofs for what you do, you are watched even when there's no admins online ;)

    Stupid FAQ
    Do I get staff? - We pick our staff if we think someone's suitable for the position.
    Can you spawn me some stuff? - The most of our staff doesn't even have powers to spawn items.
    Are there drop parties? - We don't ruin the gameplay of survival..
    May I PVP everyone?! - Yes if you wan't to get banned, we don't kill each others on this server.

    Then a normal FAQ
    What word's are allowed in the chat? - Swearing is allowed, but no meany talking toward anyone.
    How do I get unbanned? - If you feel that your ban was wrong, please contact us via email, and explain the situation.
    May I promote the server? - Well, of course all promotion is a big plus, but any way you wan't, common sense.
    Are any glitches or dupes allowed? - Well, nope. Stay legit, and we'll stay far from punishing anyone.

    Open positions in our staff
    Forum creator, forum moderator.
    Plugin designer, java specialist.
    Website designer, blog updater.
    Server designer, building community builds.

    Application are made via email personally to me, Javalator. And they should contain a effort and good reasons why you. Bad appeals aren't even read through.

    We wish you a pleasant time on our server, have fun!
  2. it says it is 1.7.10 how do I get that when my FTB Ultimate is 1.4.6
  3. 567Mike

    567Mike New Member

    Do you need a builder? I love to join, I would build a public workshop and charge pad for newbies.
  4. Repto

    Repto New Member

    Looks nice, I'm joining right now! :p

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