Problem Avaritia crafting is not allowed


New Member
Sep 12, 2021
I have an issue with my FTB university 1.12 mod pack server, for some reason, I cannot craft any item from avaritia moc on the server (but in the SP is no problem with that). I see it in the crafting GUI but cannot grab the item from crafting to the inventory, but when i "give" the item to myself it's working just fine. I tried checking the avaritia config files and the craftweaks scripts but everything seems OK. When I tried to get a list of all the craftable items in MC via `/ct recipes` i cannot find crafting recipes in that log, but in SP it's there ? Is there anything I could do to allow avaritia crafting on our server, please? It's pointless to do the modpack when there is not a "final goal".