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Automating oreberries?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by TangentialThreat, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. TangentialThreat

    TangentialThreat New Member

    So I tried but the author seems to have made these things things turtle-resistant.

    turtle.attack() with an engineering turtle makes the ripe berry disappear but it does not appear in the turtle's inventory. turtle.dig() with a mining turtle produces an oreberry bushling in the inventory but no berries.

    I think I need a new strategy to cheese this. What other ways are there of simulating a player click?
  2. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    Thaumcraft Golems can harvest them and the MFR Harvester can as well. Considering the MFR Harvester will accept just about any power and won't die from walking into an ore berry brush I think they are the best option. Golems are more energy efficient, but designing a safe farm for them is harder.

    Outside of those 2 I don't know if there are any other option for harvesting ore berries.
  3. TangentialThreat

    TangentialThreat New Member

    Thank you. Let the cheesing... commence!
  4. TangentialThreat

    TangentialThreat New Member

    Harvester didn't work. Will try golems eventually.
  5. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Try the fruit picker.
  6. Albeleo

    Albeleo New Member

    I'm thinking...13x13 room, slabs for the floor to block spawns, blackout curtains at the entrance to make it completely dark, orebushes on the ceiling harvested by golems.

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  7. Malexion

    Malexion New Member

    But that would be too hard, the simple solution is to harvest with missiles.
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  8. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Dynamite in a dispenser floating above the bushes on a timed delay to allow them to grow. Wooden golem to harvest all the items and place them in a chest. A turtle is then fed the bushes and some dirt to replace all lost blocks and replace the bushes.
  9. Malexion

    Malexion New Member

    Hmm, if only we could get mdyio to add a block like the igniter but instead triggers an explosion in front.
  10. TangentialThreat

    TangentialThreat New Member

    I would use that.
  11. Malexion

    Malexion New Member

    Just imagine the traps if you could disguise them like drawbridge blocks.
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  12. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    Drawbridge TNT cannon.
  13. WTFFFS

    WTFFFS New Member

    Put a block above the bush, golems can't walk into them then (and neither can you).
  14. ewsmith

    ewsmith New Member

    Golems are one block tall.
  15. Riuga

    Riuga New Member

    It works. You're doing something wrong.
  16. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Lulz way to help out, you could have at least told him how you have it working. Settings on Harvester and all that jazz. :p
  17. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    The Harvester settings should work at their defaults. You have to take range into account though, without upgrades the Harvester only has a 1 high 3x3 range in front of it. With upgrades this can be made bigger, but I don't think you can make it taller. They can easily be stacked though so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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  18. Malexion

    Malexion New Member

    "Fruit" items usually are not in the default settings.
  19. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    Place bushes on the floor. Place slabs on top of the bushes and slabs in front as well. The golem will step onto the slab and harvest the berries. The top slab will prevent them from hopping onto the top and taking damage. This allows also for a terrace style farm which the Golems can harvest using stairs to access each level.
  20. BanzaiBlitz

    BanzaiBlitz New Member

    Forge Multipart covers or maybe even hollow covers covering the darn bushes entirely. The little buggers SHOULD be smart enough not to just walk into them though.

    Also, the Harvester works on fruit berry bushes. I see no reason why it wouldn't work with ore berries too. Another thing to note is in the MFR config, there should be an option for how high to scan for berry bushes from Natura. Default of Unleashed was 3 high, if I recall the config correctly.

    And if that doesn't work, nothing says you can't try the fruit picker, though I think that's meant for Harvestcraft trees that actually have hanging fruits to pick.

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