Casual Server Aus Dedicated FTB Unleashed Server LFM

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Jul 29, 2019
Are you looking for a server without rules and regs?
Are you bored with all the other crud out there run by 10 year olds?
Do you enjoy just kicking back having a chat and rocking some FTB?

Then come join us on our FTB Unleashed Server
At the moment there are 2 people who play on the server on a daily basis and we are looking for other Australian Minecraft enthusiasts to join us.

We have every mod active from the unleashed pack and noting is restricted as of yet
If you are interested in joining us for no BS gaming then email me at [email protected]

Give me a brief description of yourself, your Minecraft/FTB experiences and what you want to bring to the server.

Morons and children need not apply!

Hope to hear from those of you who just wanna have some fun and are tired of getting messed around!