Open Server ArtusCraft |Ultimate FTB |MCPC|Grief Protection|CoreProtect|64GB Ram|MCMMO|DYNMAP|MobArena

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Kevin Hawkins

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Server IP:
Welcome to ArtusCraft Ultimate FTB 1.4.7 we are a new server and hope to provide allot to the community. We have friendly but professional staff and we make sure that staff is online as much as possible and support people in other time-zones and that are mods are up to date and are members play in a health and safe environment. We Also Have Grief Protection In Place!
Come out and join us!

AntiCreeper3, Cook, CoreProtect, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, GriefPrevention, Heads, MCBans, mcMMO, MobArena, Modifyworld, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Inventories, PermissionsEx, PlotMe-Core, PlotMe-DefaultGenerator, ScheduledAnnouncer2, Votifier, WorldEdit, WorldGuard
[1] Be respectful to Staff and Members Treat them the way you would like to be treated
[2] Use common sense
[3] Don't Greifing or Raiding as its stupid and hurts others feelings
[4] Don't Cheat or use Exploits Ex: Duplicating Items
[5] No Hacking Ex. Nodus, etc
[6] No PVP
[7] No Asking For Spawned Items!
[8] No Use of Diamond Farms
[9] No Asking For Creative
[10] Respect Staff and their decisions
[11] Quarry's Must be used underground.
[12] Trading items must only be done between members not staff.

[13] Only One World Anchor Per Player!! any extras will be removed!!
Disabled Items:
Dynamite And Relations
Mining Lasers
Minium Stone
Canvis Bag
Wand Of Excavation

Mining Turtles

Difficulty: Easy
Hardware Specs:

Dedicated Server
100 Slots
64Gb Of Ram
Dual 6 Core Xeon 2.00Ghz Cpus
Intel SSD's
Offsite Backups
24/7 Support

Ram,Slot, and Processing Power will increase if needed