Ars magica error?? Please help!!!


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Jul 29, 2019
So I've been running a private ftb Unleashed server for awhile,
and decided to try something new. Then I found this new cool modpack called "TPPI".
So I threw in the files in a map, (including BukkitGUI (instead of Start.Bat)). I started the GUI,
changed the gui to vanilla (so I can run FTB). Every other modpack I've tried worked this way.¨
By the way, when I use the Start.Bat, my friends can't connect. (I use hamachi btw)

When I start up the server, everything seems normal in the log. But after awhile when forgemodloader configures the mods (i think thats what it does!), then this Ars Magica error spams my screen:

11:20:35 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Ars Magica 2 >> Received dimension spawn blacklist IMC! Processing.
11:20:35 [Varning] [ForgeModLoader] Ars Magica 2 >> Could not parse dsb IMC - malformed identifiers! Syntax is 'ClassName|DimensionID', for example: EntityDryad|22
[GUI] The server has stopped...

Whole log:

So please help! That'd be very appriciated.
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