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Jul 29, 2019
I started with Ars Magica 2 on my server because direwolf20 did a mod spotlight on it. I made my first spell, the same as direwolf20 (fire projectile) however, the spell costs me 270 mana to use it, on direwolf20's video it only costed 67.50 mana, I tried again and again, everytime it costs me 270 mana, I started up a new single player test world and made the same spell again, this time it costed me 67.50 mana. How is it possible that it is 270 mana on my server? I did the excact same thing as direwolf, how can I level and earn skillpoints when I don't have enough mana to cast a simple spell? Is there a way to fix this or to reset AM2 completley so I can start over?


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Dec 11, 2013
Look at your mana bar and see if the moon there is a crescent or half. If it's half, hit C to change it. At half, it drains more mana for a stronger spell.
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Jul 29, 2019
Alright, so I downloaded AM2 for my 1.10.2 modpack and I bought spell movement. However, I still move as slowly while casting spells. I've tried starting a new game but it happened again. Was spell movement nerfed? I there a way I can fix this?