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Applied Energistics and fluids, can this be done?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by WuffleFluffy, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. WuffleFluffy

    WuffleFluffy New Member

    Hi all,

    I am running the 1.6.4 DW20 pack 1.0.18 and am trying to work out whether or not Applied Energistics
    supports working with Fluids.

    I am in the process of migrating all auto crafting from Logistics pipes to Applied Energistics but I am
    still left with some LP infrastructure. I have worked out how to create a 'secondary LP network'
    connected to my Applied Energistics by using an ME interface + Request Pipe + Provider Pipe + MK2
    Logistics Chassis with an itemsink module set as the 'default route' and having purely an ME pipe
    connecting back up to my storage room.

    Do I just need to keep the dedicated Magma crucible/Fluid Transposer setup for each crafting recipie
    that I used for logistics pipes? So far I am not able to get any liquids to transport across the AE network.

    Thanks, I hope this question makes sense!

  2. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I think a P2P tunnel can do it.

    otherwise you'll need your liquids in item form. (buckets/cells, or the raw components [netherrack/redstone/enderpearl] to be melted)
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  3. trajing

    trajing New Member

    I believe that you can use extracells. If not, you don't need it dedicated. Use the exact amount of the item that melts down into what you need. So a Redstone Energy Cell would be 31 redstone.
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  4. Skidd2

    Skidd2 New Member

    I think its 40 redstone :p

    but back on topic, yes, I think that the P2P tunnel will work, just make sure to have it connected to a tank somewhere, because AE does not have its own liquid storage system. I've seen a few spotlights on the various P2P setups... actually now that I think about it, Dire had used a ton in his last major base setup (his void age base, and workshop) on his FC2 series, back in 1.5.2. I think that that system should still be valid, if you feel like looking it up.

    As far as getting exact amounts of liquids may be a bit hard, because programming a blank pattern with liquid in it might be impossible unless its in an item form such as a bucket, a IC2 cell, or a forestry capsule.
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  5. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    unless yer on a server add extra cells
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  6. WuffleFluffy

    WuffleFluffy New Member

    Thanks for all the replies! :) I'll look into this P2P item.

    I think I muddled out a solution, in my lowest basement I've got an ME interface with LP infrastructure connected to it. I've got a Fluid Transposer which is being filled from a tank using Logistics pipes.

    I've got a crafting table hooked up and can instruct my AE network to craft bottles of water.

    But here's the weird bit (I'm tying to autocraft 10k coolant cells)...

    My AE autocrafting system has the ability to make glass bottles, it can also request that water bottles be made. But if I just try to get AE to craft Water bottles (without any glass bottles in inventory), nothing happens.. I have to separately craft the water bottles THEN ask AE to craft the water bottles (Which get made by the crafting pipe connected to the water filled fluid transposer).

    I suspect this is because a crafting pipe cannot initiate a crafting call / request back to the AE system to tell the AE system to 'make me some glass bottles', in this case the AE system is simply supplying bottles.

    When I do this, I note that the AE Crafting monitor lists the glass bottles as 'missing' and 'crafting' at the same time, but the number of water bottles listed as 'missing' counts down as water bottles are exported out of the liquid transposer back into the AE network.

    I'm also encountering other issues with AE and complex crafting with IC2 machines, for the life of me I can't get AE to craft Re-Batteries as part of another recipie, but I can get it to craft AE batteries directly...

    Oh well, i'm still a newbie to many of these mods, I appreciate all your tips :)

  7. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    If the recipe involves an item with a damage indicator bar, the pattern has to be made using a crafted item & not by shift-clicking the recipe in NEI. You can use an ME interface with an "empty bottle to water bottle" pattern on the fluid transposer instead of a crafting pipe.
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  8. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Thermal Expansion's Cyclic Assembler make crafting with liquids easy. It needs power and a schematic for what you want to make, but all you'd need to do after that is pump the ingredients in and the product out.
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  9. Shirkit

    Shirkit New Member

    The ExtraCells mod can help you move/store/craft fluids. Try it out.
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  10. kaovalin

    kaovalin New Member

    This is the best solution that requires the least upkeep and difficulty to setup. Cyclic assembler with 10k recipe. Keep the CA filled with water using a Aqueous Accumulator. Then just throw the other non-water ingredients at the CA as it will use the resevoir of water instead of needing you to fill buckets/cells. It also only takes 1RF/craft from memory and does so at high speed (if you give it enough materials to keep going). A ME interface with the crafting recipe for the 10k cells and either item duct or me import bus on the output side of the CA would bring it back into the network for you no trouble. The whole setup could easily fit in a 2x2x3 space or less.
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  11. WarNev3rChanges

    WarNev3rChanges New Member

    Use buckets instead of water bottles. Put the pattern "Crafts 1 water bucket with 1 bucket" in the interface connected to the fluid transposer with the aqueous accumulator feeding into it as well. This is what I've always used and never had a 10k coolant cell issue. Plus you get your bucket back :)
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  12. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    This is how I have set mine up in the past. Simple setup to keep a certain amount of buckets of water in the system ready at all times. Export bus on the fluid transposer outputting empty buckets. Fluid transposer auto ejects to a ME interface. Use a level emitter to turn off the export bus or the fluid transposer itself when you have enough. I keep 16 buckets of water in the system for quick access. Whats nice about this setup vs a cyclic assembler is that it gives water available in the ME system for any crafting. You would have to manually change the cyclic assembler for each recipe.
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  13. WarNev3rChanges

    WarNev3rChanges New Member

    I don't even do that much. Import bus on the fluid transposer with that recipe to fill the bucket in the interface, and it loads the bucket and fills it on its own - then dumps it back into the system.
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  14. WuffleFluffy

    WuffleFluffy New Member

    Hi All,

    Thanks for all the really amazing tips :)

    I have followed advice received here and completely modified how I was handling fluids.

    Here's some pics of the area which is handling fluids.

    On this side of the room I am using the ME precision export bus to keep each magma crucible stocked with the item that is to be melted. In this case I am melting Ender Pearls, Redstone and GlowStone.


    On the left I have adopted cyclic assemblers to do things like 10k coolant cells.

    The Magma crucibles each have an AE P2P source connector connected to a fluiduct pipe that is on the output side of the machine. I am using covers to keep the fluiduct pipes from auto joining/merging with adjacent machines.


    Over here, I am using Fluid Transposers connected to ME Interfaces, the Fluid Transposers are being supplied by a single fluiduct connected to an ME P2P connecter. This allows me to have a single souce of melted Redstone be used for anything that required molten redstone for instance, like redstone energy cells, endergy conduits...

    With respect to water...

    2014-04-06_23.24.15.png I placed a liquid transfer node in a natural lake next to my base connected to an ender-tank. The reeds are my old manual farm, I just left them there.

    Inside my base...


    I have an Ender-Tank outputting to a P2P node which is supplying a Fluid Transposer machine.

    Everything is working fine and I've finally decommissioned the last of the Logistics pipes crafting network.

    I decided to separate the creation of the liquids from the transposing so that if I have another destination for a particular liquid/melted something I can simply assign it to a P2P node anywhere that is connected to the ME network.

    Thanks for all the awesome replies, i've learned a lot (Still a noob though!) :)

  15. FeatheredSun

    FeatheredSun New Member

    Sorry for the necrothreading, but I figure I'd refresh this topic and gain some more insight into LP-AE synergy.

    Some of the previous posters mention Extra Cells. Hopefully by now, more folks have had the chance to use this mod for aiming toward full fluid integration into AE.

    For those who have, how have you handled the interaction with LP networks? Specifically with LP requesting fluids from AE. For items, connecting a provider, requester, and item-sink to an ME interface is enough. But Extra Cells' ME fluid interfaces function a lot differently, since they seem to only support a certain number of fluid types per interface.

    Using traditional tanks/drums with storage buses may be an option, but if you have both fluid storage buses AND LP pipes requesting from the same tank, won't that cause issues when both networks are trying to update their inventories?

    Completely abandoning LP may also be an alternative, but it's a lot cheaper for routing than AE in many ways (quartz cost, etc).

    Thanks in advance for the input. I'm somewhat new to modded MineCraft and every bit of info helps.

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