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Open Server Apocalyptic Gaming Network - Agrarian Skies 3.1.4 - 12 MC Servers | MCMMO/Economy/Custom Islands

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Zilacon, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Zilacon

    Zilacon New Member


    Apocalyptic Gaming Network is a minecraft network that believes in giving its players as many choices as possible. We run a total of 12 servers so far including Technic and FTB and Custom modpack servers including a Bukkit server.

    Come checkout our Agrarian Skies server with custom islands, no lag, friendly staff, and an active community.

    IP: mc.apocgaming.org:7852

    We have a teamspeak and over 50 staff members to help you with anything you need!

    Our server network is community ran, which means if you have a suggestion or feature or even a server to recommend to us we will try our best to implement or make it.

    I do not have a graphic image for our AGS server however i do have one for all of our technic servers but our AGS has everything listed in this image except the multi world.
    You can checkout that image here: http://i.imgur.com/iAgaOpO.jpg

    Server Information:
    • Dedicated Server (8 Cores, 16GB Ram)
    • 24/7/365 Uptime.
    • No removed mods.
    • No banned items, not even chunk loaders.
    • Extra Utilities pipes, transfer nodes, cables, etc all enabled.
    • Over 40 plugins on server including 2 custom made APOC plugins.
    • Active and friendly staff.
    • Massive server network.
    • Admin shops and player shop plots available in spawn.
    • Mini games also available in spawn (Spleef, CTF, PVP, Mob, ETC)
    • Running Agrarian Skies 3.1.4
    • No whitelist, graylist, whatever list. Simply login and play!
    • Nothing is restricted to donators!
    • 50 slots.
    Island Information:
    • Islands are spawned 250 blocks away from eachother.
    • Islands are using a custom made design for our servers.
    • Islands are protected up to a 100x100 radius.
    • Islands are fully lit up when you first start, no mob spawning unless you break lamps on your island.
    • You can invite players to build with you on the same island.
    • If you want to restart simply ask a staff and we will reset your quests no questions asked.

    Our community also gives reward bags, diamonds, experience, economy, and donation store credit for every vote! So signup on our site and vote to reap the rewards!

    We have donation packs available to everyone, i mean everyone. If you dont have money no problem you can earn in store credit to purchase everything on our donation shop simply from voting. We dont want anyone feeling left out. You help us, we help you :)

    Don't miss our monthly events as well! Every month with a holiday apoc runs building contests or special events to celebrate those holidays.

    So come checkout APOC Gaming!
    Thanks for reading.

    Website: http://apocclangaming.enjin.com
    Teamspeak: ts.apocgaming.org
    Agrarian Skies Server IP: mc.apocgaming.org:7852
    All other servers, ips, status, and other information is available on our website.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2014
  2. Zilacon

    Zilacon New Member

    Apparently FTB Launcher does not have version 3.1.4 on the launcher anymore? I mainly use our technic launcher pack.
    But players are saying our version is no longer on FTB.

    To get around this go on our website at http://www.apocgaming.org/modpacks for instructions on how to add AGS to the technic launcher.
    I also heard AT Launcher has our version as well.
  3. leeber2002

    leeber2002 New Member

    Never edited that comment, but 3.1.4 is available on it again. It's just not the recommended version.
  4. Zilacon

    Zilacon New Member

    Ah, any idea why its not recommended? It is the latest version and fixes things from previous versions.
  5. leeber2002

    leeber2002 New Member

    There could be quite a few, my three best guesses would be either:
    1) Jaded simply forgot to change the option to set it as the recommended. Possible, but normally Jaded's pretty on top of that sort of thing.
    2) The FTB 3rd Party Pack Team hasn't gotten a chance to check it out thoroughly to bump it up to recommended. Possible since it was released during the holiday season.
    3) Jaded felt that the updates were stable and pushed it out, but did what most modpack dev's do (DW20 for instance does the same thing) and did not immediately change the recommended version as either there could be some small issue that hasn't been addressed or just wants it to have some mass-testing before bumping it up.

    The fact that it was removed for a period of time points to the third option. The most likely scenario was that 3.1.4 was released, and then a large enough bug to pull the version was uncovered. If Jaded felt the bug had been patched, it was safe to re-release it to the public, but holding off on making it recommended until they can be positive the bug won't resurface.
  6. Zilacon

    Zilacon New Member

    Even so 3.1.4 has been out for a while... Like over 6 months a while...
  7. leeber2002

    leeber2002 New Member

    From what I've gathered it is because work for AgS2 for 1.7.10 began after 3.1.4 was released. When whatever issue there was surfaced, jaded did not want to take the time to fix it when the pack is no longer being updated, and simply left 3.1.2 as the recommended.
    AgS 1 is fully un-supported now as far as bug management, with even the bug report thread being closed.

    If you don't mind me making a suggestion, however, I've noticed that hitting a glimmer of light from the thaumcraft lanterns your server has on the island with a Crook instantly crashes the game.

    It might be advantageous to remove them, as the can spawn inside the flipping trees...
  8. Max_le_castille

    Max_le_castille New Member

    Server with no lag.
    Friendely staff and helpful
    The system of claim prevention.
    Great shop and warp system.
    The best server I played yet.
  9. Lilwhatyeah

    Lilwhatyeah New Member

    Made an account just to leave some information here regarding the server. Mostly Positive I promise!

    The server is fairly lag free. Only instances where the server is trying to stop itself from deadlocking are where anything is an issue and even then better a short pause than a complete restart!

    The people are friendly for a PvP enabled Agrarian Skies server. I have not really seen any issues with players death banhammering each other out of the server. Most will even help you out with some starting stuff as long as you don't constantly beg and beg for them.

    The warp system is pretty cool but at the moment serves no real purpose as the shops are not currently working. They will be up sometime soon as I have been told and it will be glorious.

    The starting Island is amazing. This is what blew me away at first. It is custom and much bigger than the regular Home Sweet Home version that you often start on.
    --TIP-- Break the lanterns on the outsides of the island or you will punch the particle effects and crash your client!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are almost always helpful staff on at most busy times (afterschool kiddies etc) so that nothing gets out of hand and these staff are so down to earth its like they are just regular players like us when not taking care of issues.

    Ive tried looking for a different server to see if there were any better ones but so far no.
  10. Chlorislunaia

    Chlorislunaia New Member

    this networks staff works hard and tries theere best and i think it should be given a chance the lag is non existant and the players and community are friendly 10/10 in my eyes
  11. Domi_68

    Domi_68 New Member

    Can i get unbanned for dying plzzz i want to play more but i cant cause i died so can my stuff be reset account name Domi_68
  12. DeAdEyE_TeMpEr

    DeAdEyE_TeMpEr New Member

    Really good server, I enjoy playing on the community with the minimal lag and fairly few banned items. The staff is nice and the owner respectable, definitely would recommend
  13. monzilla

    monzilla New Member

    This still open?
  14. Zilacon

    Zilacon New Member

    Sorry for late reply. Yes this server is still online.
    You can join from FTB or our Technic pack.
  15. whitezealor

    whitezealor Guest

    my review of this server the server is friendly most of the time, usually always someone willing to help u out with a problem, the staff tend to be active daily and u can earn ranks by voting which is very unique to the server. and with mutiable modpacks and vanilla portions of the server making this even more worth a try, I suggest you give it a shot, and if not too ur taste try another portion, ranging from as, ycc, vanilla and etc and see what best suits ur taste !

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